Aug 24

The Sunday Post 8.24.2014 Edition

Wow. It’s hard to believe, but Monday is the first day of school! As much as I love having kids around my house 24/7 (and really, I do), it is obvious that they need to get back among their own … Continue reading

Aug 23

INKlets: Supah Short Reviews So I Can Return These Books to the Library Already

OK. Don’t you just sometimes want to say “Yes! I agree with everyone out there who loves this book and I have nothing new to add/more to say!” or “This book was so meh that I don’t even want to … Continue reading

Aug 19

It’s Stephenie Meyer Bashing Season Again – Rev Up Your Sparkle Jokes!

Today I read a blog post on BookRiot that was a response to a Jezebel piece about the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair because Stephenie Meyer dares to produce a movie about a beloved book. In all honesty, … Continue reading

Aug 10

The Sunday Post 8.10.2014 Edition

How was your reading week? What I Posted… This week, you may have highly enjoyed/intensely disagreed with the following: The Sunday Post 8.3.2014 Edition INKlings: The Kym Brunner Interview and Giveaway 4 Star BriefInk Review: Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell Wanted: Dead or … Continue reading

Aug 09

Book Review: ‘Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend’ by Katie Finn

Briefly: Gemma Tucker has the perfect boyfriend. Teddy is always doing good, starting “Save the Warbler” clubs and watching documentaries about the plight of something. Truth is, Gemma feels like she needs to have a do-gooder in her life to … Continue reading

Aug 07

‘Wanted: Dead or in Love’ Giveaway Winner!

  Thank you to all who entered the Wanted: Dead or in Love giveaway! I am happy to announce that the winner is: Reanna of Phantasmic Reads! Reanna has won author Kym Brunner’s book about gangsters, being on the run, unwanted stowaways, and … Continue reading

Aug 06

BriefINK Review: ‘Dear Killer’ by Katherine Ewell

Briefly: Kit Ward has been primed to take over the family business. Well, at least on her mother’s side, anyway. Vienna Ward was a serial killer, and has been training Kit in the art of assassination since she was young. … Continue reading

Aug 03

The Sunday Post 8.3.2014 Edition

How was your reading week? What I Posted… This week, you may have enjoyed/intensely disagreed with the following: The Sunday Post 7.27.2014 Edition BriefInk Review: Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters Giveaways Take a look at the two giveaways for … Continue reading