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This blog was started in 2005, but it was mostly essays and opinions. I saved a couple from that era and deleted the rest. After lying dormant for a few years, I resurrected the blog in 2011 when I realized there were so many wonderful books that I was reading and I needed to tell the world about them. Thus Ink and Page was born. A few months later, I started doing Author Requested Reviews (ARRs) and have not looked back. I have seen the great, the good and the ugly, but my underlying hope is that each review I do helps someone choose a book that they love.

In addition to book reviews, which are mostly of the Young Adult/New Adult genres, I do interviews (INKlings), write essays and participate in read-a-thons, challenges and memes. I occasionally post a picture of a cute baby animal.

I am in Dallas, love to travel, watch movies and inflict my Spanish on an unsuspecting public. I am a complainer at times, can be called sarcastic. I tear up way too often and good spelling and grammar are very important to me (sometimes this tearing up happens when seeing bad grammar). I love to read (duh), especially books that have a good romance, magic, memorable characters and perhaps a bad boy. YA/NA, British chick lit (which includes Pride and Prejudice), books based in 1890s New York City, DIY books, stories where the bad guy/gal gets what’s coming to him/her, and tales that surprise me are my favs. I love music and love to sing. I watch way too much television. That’s me.

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For general questions: audrey@inkandpage.me.

For review requests, please read the info at the Reviews & Review Requests Tab and submit a request from there.

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