Am I Insane? Or, Sure! I Can Read All These Books In A Month!

So, I get a little gung-ho about things. Right now, it’s the author list for the Austin Teen Book Festival. It appears that I have some catching up to do in the reading department. Even though I have read quite a few books this year, I have somehow missed out on (gulp) most of these written by authors coming to the Fest. As I can be described as “over-enthusiastic” concerning some things and “rabid” about others, I am trying to read as many of these books as I can by September 29. Come along for the ride (and updates) and please keep all arms, legs and optimism inside the vehicle at all times.

  1. Jessica Lee Anderson: Calli
  2. Jesse Andrews: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  3. Anna Banks: Of Poseidon [Read 9.15.2012]
  4. Leigh Bardugo: Shadow and Bone [Read 9.2.2012]
  5. Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Every Other Day [Read 9.17.2012]
  6. Libba Bray: The Diviners (TBP 9.18.12) [Read Beauty Queens 9.5.2012]
  7. Sarah Rees Brennan: Unspoken (TBP 9.11.12) [Read 9.25.2012] [Read The Demon’s Lexicon 9.4.2012]
  8. Martha Brockenbrough: Devine Intervention [Read 9.11.2012]
  9. Rae Carson: The Crown of Embers (TBP 9.18.12) [Read The Girl of Fire and Thorns 9.10.2012]
  10. Ally Carter: Out of Sight, Out of Time [Read 9.8.2012]
  11. Rachel Cohn: Beta (TBP 10.16.12) [Read Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist 8.23.2012]
  12. Kresley Cole: Poison Princess (TBP 10.2.12)
  13. Ally Condie: Reached (TBP 11.13.12) [Read Crossed 9.14.2012]
  14. Gina Damico: Scorch (TBP 9.25.12) [Read Croak 9.12.2012]
  15. Tracy Deebs: Tempest Unleashed
  16. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl: Beautiful Redemption (TBP 10.23.12)
  17. Jeff Hirsch: Magisterium (TBP 10.1.12)
  18. Tara Hudson: Arise [Read Hereafter 10.4.2012]
  19. Sophie Jordan: Hidden (TBP 9.11.12)
  20. Jessica Khoury: Origin (TBP 9.4.12)
  21. E.M. Kokie: Personal Effects (TBP 9.11.12) [Read 9.18.2012]
  22. Dan Krokos: False Memory [Read 9.27.2012]
  23. Guadalupe Garcia McCall: Under the Mesquite [Read 9.23.2012]
  24. Marissa Meyer: Cinder [Read 9.6.2012]
  25. William Harlan Richter: Dark Eyes [Read 9.2.2012]
  26. Eliot Schrefer: Endangered (TBP 10.1.12) [Read The School for Dangerous Girls 8.26.2012]
  27. Neal Schusterman: UnWholly (TBP 8.28.12) [Read Unwind 9.22.2012]
  28. Elizabeth Scott: Miracle [Read 8.29.12]
  29. Jessica Shirvington: Entice (TBP 9.4.12)
  30. Greg Leitich Smith: Chronal Engine [Read 9.17.2012]
  31. Scott Speer: Immortal City [Read 8.25.2012]
  32. Tamara Ireland Stone: Time Between Us (TBP 10.9.12)
  33. Lex Thomas: Quarantine: The Loners [9.1.2012]
  34. John Corey Whaley: Where Things Come Back [Read 9.16.2012]

Obviously, some books have not been published yet (those are the TBR dates), so I might not be able to read any published in September before the Festival. I will read a previous novel by the same author so I can get a feel for something they have written. If the book on this list is part of a series, I will at least read the first book of the series and try my best to get to all of them. Our great library does not have all of these titles, so maybe I can get loaners from my close & personal book readin’ pals?

I will be posting little dispatches as I read my books; however, I won’t be able to do more than rate and blorp out something uncommunicative and ultimately unsatisflying. Yay? I hope y’all understand.

7 thoughts on “Am I Insane? Or, Sure! I Can Read All These Books In A Month!”

  1. wholly cupcakes that is a lot of books..I will cheer you all the way. May I recommend you join the Ready Set Read-athon Aug 31 to the Sept 2nd as extra motivation to knock some of these off your list. (link is on my blog) I look forward to some of these reviews!

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