Book Review: ‘Double Crossed’ by Ally Carter

Who doesn’t like crossovers where your favorite characters from different stories get to be together? This is the best of the best: a Gallagher Girl and Heist Society mash-up!

Book Cover Double Crossed by Ally CarterRating: 4

The Low Down: Macey McHenry is bored at the society auction, so she lapses into spy mode. She checks her surroundings, counts the number of exits, listens in on some conversations. Then she notices him. A boy who looks as bored as she is. And then he lifts a cell phone from the mayor’s pocket and then strolls away. Macey must know who this brazen, talented boy is.

As they dance around the obvious, each keeping their own secrets, they both notice a couple of things out of the ordinary. But as they are trying to process what they’ve seen, the room is full of president-mask-wearing, assault-rifle-brandishing men who are there to take the jewelry, purses and wallets of New York City’s wealthiest.

Over the next few hours, Macey and her new acquaintance, Hale, work together to figure out who these men are and what they are after. Teaming up on the outside with Hale’s girlfriend, Kat, and Macey’s teacher from school, they each use their incredible skills to determine how to end the siege and find the guilty party.

Best Thang ‘Bout It: I love Ally Carter, so I was excited to find out about this novella that puts together two of the kick-assiest high school girls on the planet. It did not disappoint! The spy game, intrigue, quick-thinking, crawling through ducts…it’s all here.

The Bottom Line: If you’re a fan of Ms. Carter, slip this book onto your Kindle, tiptoe behind the curtains and lose yourself. You’ll be done before you’re missed.

Double Crossed by Ally Carter was published January 22, 2013 by Disney Hyperion. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to NetGalley/Disney Hyperion/Ally Carter; check the Amazon link to see if it is still being offered to the gen pub for FREE!

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Contemporary Thriller Spy
Ages: 12 and up
You Might Want to Know: Nothing of note

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