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Book Cover Remembrance by Michelle MadowRating: 2.5

I really wanted to love this book; really, I did. From the mystery at the beginning about Lizzie and Drew to flashbacks to another time to a boy who was sometimes aloof, sometimes completely connected. Plus, there are many, many references to my favorite book of all time, Pride and Prejudice. This book had many elements that should have allowed it to rise above an average teen story. Let’s just say that too many opportunities were squandered and the book never jelled for me.

Lizzie is a high school student who is not as enamored of her long-time boyfriend, Jeremy, as she used to be. They’ve dated for a while, and now that Jeremy has been elevated to varsity soccer, he seems to have changed a little, caring more about what he wants than what Lizzie wants. Then the new guy, Drew, shows up. Lizzie feels a connection like she’s never felt before – not even with Jeremy. Who is this guy and why does she feel like she already knows him?

Lizzie’s best friend, Chelsea, is instantly attracted to Drew. How can Lizzie tell Chelsea not to date him, that it would kill Lizzie if she did, when Lizzie has never met Drew before and she already has a boyfriend? Why does Drew blow hot and cold with Lizzie? Sometimes he stares at her like he drinking her in, and other times he’s snarky and mean. Then Lizzie has some sort of weird flashback to another era – the time of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. But she can clearly see herself dancing with Drew. It feels so real. What is that all about?

From cryptic comments, Lizzie realized that Drew knows something that he’s not telling her. All she knows for sure is that she is drawn to him like no other.

Here We Go: I am all for the “will they/won’t they” school of plot writing, but fer gawd’s sake…this one took forever to make up its mind! Nothing seemed to really happen until well after the halfway point in the story. I felt like I was a one-eyed spectator at a ping pong match. The alleged time travel (my fav!) consisted of a few fuzzy flashes. Nothing was made clear about Lizzie and Drew in their past life other than they had one. That was very disappointing.

The continual references to Pride and Prejudice served no purpose except to remind the reader what period was happening during these flashes. If there had been more of a tie-in, it would have had so much more meaning. They could have inserted the name of any other book that takes place during the Regency Period and it would have had the same impact.

As for the characters? I already mentioned my seasickness re. the I love you/I don’t love you business between the two main characters; but really, none of the characters were anything but two-dimensional. There was nothing there for me to like, no one that I could relate to or care about. Jeremy treated Lizzie with disdain, yet he had to try to win her back. Then Lizzie treated Chelsea horribly with the Drew stuff. Drew never should have dated Chelsea in the first place. This was only done to “darken” the plot and make it more interesting, it seems. It only made me think badly of Drew and Lizzie and feel that Lizzie and Chelsea weren’t as good of friends as we were told they were. On top of it all, there were the random mean girls and popular guys that are stereotypical young adult book fare.

If this is one of those series where you are supposed to wait until book two for some major (or any, really) questions to be answered, then I am blowing a raspberry at you right now. I ain’t got time for that.

The Bottom Line: The potential was shot, and it’s too bad.

Remembrance by Michelle Madow was published July 25, 2011 by Dreamscape Publishing. Ink and Page purchased this book, so no one had a choice about whether it was reviewed.

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Fantasy Romance
Ages: 13 and up
You Might Want to Know: Nothing of note

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    1. I had it on my TBR list on Goodreads, and it was chosen for me to read. I am pretty sure it has been on there forever, so, of course, I don’t remember putting it on there in the first place. I didn’t remember anything about it. I just wish it had been more.

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