Book Review: ‘Sapphire Blue’ by Kerstin Gier


Book Cover Sapphire Blue by Kerstin GierRating: 4

The Low Down: Wow. That kiss. There they are, Gwen and Gideon, hiding from gun-wielding bad guys in a church in 1912 and they’re kissing. That was unexpected. What was also unexpected was: a) Gwen liked it, very much; b) a ghost of a gargoyle follows her home; and c) Gwen’s not completely sold on the belief that Lucy and Paul, the time travelers who stole the other chronograph, are 100% villainous.

In this second installment of the Ruby Red Trilogy, it is only days since Gwen has discovered that she is the descendant with the time-traveling gene. And after meeting the first time-traveler,  Count Saint-Germain, who scared the breath of out Gwen both figuratively (threatening her in her head so no one else could hear him) and literally (choking her with his mind), she is not so sure that he can be trusted. However, this time around, he is all compliments and smiles, only appearing sinister when speaking with his arch-enemy, Lord Alastair, whose society, The Florentine Alliance, exists for the sole purpose to destroy the time-travelers.

It appears that there is a traitor in their midst; a turncoat who is helping to keep Lucy and Paul one step ahead of the Cicle. Unfortunately, because she is the newest member, Gwen is being regarded with suspicion. Completely in the dark when it comes to much of the lore of the Circle of Twelve, Gwen gets frustrated and decides to figure things out on her own. Well, not completely alone, as she has help from her best friend, Lesley and her puzzle-solving and Googling expertise; her 1950s era grandfather; and her new confidante (and gargoyle ghost), Xemerius.

When the Count remarks to her that Gideon is just playing a part, she realizes that she’s just a pawn, And no matter what century you’re in, a broken heart is no fun.

Best Thang ‘Bout It: No sophomore slump here – as the plot unfolds, you learn more about the mystery surrounding Lucy and Paul, wonder about the Count, find out that this group bent on destroying them all exists and, of course, root for Gwen to outshine her perfect cousin, Charlotte. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if Gwen got the boy.

I’m Cranky Because: I am wanting Gwen to talk to the little ghost boy, Robert, some more.

The last book, Emerald Green, was released in Germany December 8, 2010. 2010, people! We won’t be able to see it until this fall. I understand, it has to be translated (and I can only guess, having not read it in its original language, but Ms. Anthea Bell seems to do a great job at it). Also, there is a German movie version of Ruby Red coming out in March. I sure hope that they release it here, too. Check out my “Waiting On” Wednesday post this week to read about the last installment of the series and to see the movie trailer. In Deutsch, natürlich.

To Read or Not To Read: Absolut 1000% ja. In fact, go back in time and learn German so you don’t have to wait for the English version.

Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier was published October 30, 2012 by Henry Holt and Co.

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy Romance Time Travel Series
Ages: 12 and up
You Might Want to Know: Nothing of note.

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