Booking Through Thursday 3.7.2013

This is a weekly meme that poses book-related questions. You can either answer on your blog or in the comments on the Booking Through Thursday website. Today’s question:

Clocks change this weekend here in the US, which means one less hour to read … does anybody else begrudge that hour like I do? Wish the Powers That Be would just pick a time-frame and stick to it instead of inflicting clock-driven jet lag on an innocent public twice a year?

(Yeah, so not a question so much about reading … except, of course, you do need to use your electric light to be able to read, so the hour it gets dark IS relevant!)

Spring forward is always the worst. You have one less hour to sleep between Saturday and Sunday, then it’s a lot darker in the mornings. Yes, it eventually gets lighter, but it’s such a shock to the system when it first happens.

I get why they had daylight savings way back when, but seriously, do we need it any more? It was decreed when we had a much more agrarian society, which, ain’t the case so much today. There are parts of the US that do not ever change their clocks – apparently, it is up to each state or territory as to whether they do. I went to college with a girl from Arizona, and that was the first time that I ever heard that a state didn’t do DST.

As far as book reading goes, DST doesn’t affect me in the least, especially if I am reading on my tablet. Hooray for that!

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