Bout of Books Friday Mini-Challenge

Day Five Bout of Books Mini-Challenge is from The Reading Housewives of Indiana:

“Take any book you like and match up a character in the book OR the cover of the book to a shoe. The requirement is to only do one pairing, but feel free to do as many as you like.” 

TRHoI mentioned that she used Picasa to make her collage. I have only used it when I download my photos from my RJ  (real job), and have never played around with it. I must say I need a little more practice, ’cause the HELP wasn’t so helpful. However, somehow, I ended up with the following:

I loved trying to come up with the combinations. Admittedly, I didn’t look very far beyond the immediate area to see what I could go with. Also, I was going for a variety of styles. I sure could have worked on this for hours, but I have a lot of reading to do!

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