Bout of Books Monday Mini-Challenge

Day One Bout of Books Mini-Challenge is from Sarah Says Read:

“What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!”

Hello. My name is Audrey. I am a read-a-thon virgin. (Hello, Audrey). Well, that is not completely the truth, strictly speaking, if I include the library’s summer reading enticements of my youth or the current Goodreads Reading Challenge. I am, however, putting those into two different categories: 1.) Bygone Era and 2.) Much Longer Than a Week.

“Clear my calendar!” is the only (new) ritual I have. Well, that, and making sure I stack the decks by finding some really good books to read. I think that’s a must, actually. This isn’t the time for some classic that you haven’t really ever wanted to read but think you ought to because you would then be a better person OR to finish up the stack of books you started but somehow keep getting pushed aside by something, well, more interesting. I certainly wouldn’t want to slog my way through a week of reading only to find myself uninspired and wishing I hadn’t read at all. Gross.

I had planned on starting at 12:01 Central Time, but was so knackered (thanks for that word, UK, BTW) from Mothers’ Day festivities (ie cleaning my house and cooking for my Mom and family) that I went to bed at 10:01. “Let the festivities begi…..zzzzzznore.” I mumbled sleepily. So, instead, I woke up, got the kid ready for school, then discovered kid needed to stay home today. “Oh, no!” You cry. “How will you ever get to your first book now?” Don’t be silly…she’s resting comfortably next to me while I read. I can’t even really do the laundry or work or other such stuff (bummer)…I will stay here with her. “Awwww…what a great Mom!” Thank you. I think I proved that yesterday by having my own day.

Anywho, what do I like about read-a-thons? It’s not the challenge itself, but the connection to other readers and their challenges…it’s enjoying the blog postings about what everyone is reading and finding new people to follow via the various social media outlets. So if I can grow my acquaintances and kindred spirits, I come out ahead – no matter how many extra books I consume this week.

And may the stacks be ever in your favor.

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