Bout of Books Tuesday Mini-Challenge

Day Two Bout of Books Mini-Challenge is from Nyx Book Reviews:

“PART ONE: Share your most shocking, embarrassing or funny book related story.

– Or –

PART TWO: Answer all of the “this or that” questions.”

I am going to have to skip Part One and go straight to Part Two…I can’t think of any good book stories at the moment.

Physical Book or eBook?

Physical, definitely. Crack of the spine, the beautiful clean pages, the smell of the ink and paper, the feel in my hands, the cover artwork and the way it looks on my bookshelf.

Paperback or Hardcover?

Hardcover. They hold up better and look smarter on the aforementioned shelves.

Reality or Make-Believe?

That’s a hard one. I will have to say that make-believe edges out reality slightly. It was certainly my favorite when I was a kid, and have really enjoyed getting back into it.

Adult or Young Adult?

Again, a difficult choice. I had not read much (if any) YA in a long time until last fall. Now that’s mostly what I read, because there are so many great books and series out there!

Dog-Ears or Bookmarks?

Bookmarks. It hurts my stomach to dog-ear a page or to (gulp) turn the open book over to mark a page. I do admit that I will dog-ear a page in a pinch, but only if it is a paperback. I like my books PRISTINE.

Breaking the Spine or Barely Open the Book?

I guess I am half-way between these two?

Tea or Coffee?

Again, both. However, I can drink more tea (hot, of course) in a day than coffee. Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend is my tea of choice.

Reading in Bed or on the Couch?

I have a special way that I set up my pillows in bed.

Series or Standalone?

Each book needs to finish, even if it is a series. Look at Harry Potter, a great example of that. I love knowing, though, that there will be more…

Original or TV Adaptation?

Original, of course.

Defy Motion Sickness or Audio Books?

I do read in the car, but I can get nauseous. I just have to be careful that I am not hungry, hot or driving.

Author Crushes or Who Was That Guy Again?

I always have author crushes.

Interviewer or Guest Post?

I can’t seem to think up good questions that haven’t already been asked a thousand times. I will have to go with guest post, as I can always think of something to write about.

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