Bout of Books Wednesday Mini-Challenge

Day Three Bout of Books Mini-Challenge is from Books Devoured:

Your Challenge is to choose any book cover and Re-Title it! You can choose anything you like and go the serious or humorous route!”

Oh my. This could get out of hand. Quickly.

I immediately thought of the iconic cover of “Twilight,” but that seemed too easy. But I like easy, so here goes:

  • Watch Out, Adam!
  • Weight Watchers Guide to Fruits
  • Bobbin’: The History of Apples
  • The Pros of Tanning: When the Fruit Looks Healthier Than You

Sorry, that’s all I got.

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10 thoughts on “Bout of Books Wednesday Mini-Challenge”

  1. “‘Bobbin'”: The History of Apples!!! LOL LOVE IT!! I still haven’t attempted the Day 3 Challenge–had to take and pick up my oldest from preschool. However, I am now home for the day!! Time to get started! =)

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