Breaking Dawn Part 2 is Tonight! Free Predictions Here

Are legions of TwiHards still giggling and foaming at the mouth (NOT easy to do at the same time, BTW) for the final installment of the Twilight saga? Who’s going? Anyone heading out for the midnight movie? Anyone going to the ten o’clock showing on Thursday night? (HINT: I am!)

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So this is it. Except for rumors that there may be some spin-offs with some secondary characters (Mike dumps Jessica and he and Eric move to Iowa to get married. Hilarity ensues when they find out that gay marriage was legal in Washington all along; Leah strays from the pack and discovers that the Sasquatch is alive and well and looking for romance; Rosalie and Emmet host a series similar to Fashion Police where she mocks people’s outfits that are anything less than perfect and he arm wrestles the losers until they collapse from exhaustion.)

Here are my predictions:

  1. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will always be referred to in magazines, newspapers and online as both “epic” and “sweeping” as well as “finally” and “over.”
  2. It will break last year’s records for number of attendees/amount of cash to roll around in whilst naked.
  3. Kristen Stewart, as Bella, will not appear to be these things: 1.) maternal; 2.) doting; or 3.) warm. She will, however, be 1.) red-iris’d; 2.) hungry; and 3.) will kick someone in the face.
  4. I will be watching the movie this evening and will be glued to it like a schoolgirl. While wearing my Edward t-shirt.
  5. My daughter is mad that she can’t go tonight because she has school tomorrow (already came true! I am 1 for 1).
  6. The new trailer for The Host will be shown. Hey, they’d be downright stupid not to.
  7. I cannot predict whether I will be able to leave last summer’s cheating scandal at the door so it won’t affect my enjoyment of certain characters.
  8. I see Milk Duds in my near future. Or SweeTarts.
  9. I will cry (note to self: remember travel tissues).
What would I really like to happen? I’d like for this final episode to tie up the franchise with a big, red bow. And I’d like it a lot if they played the new trailer for The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones. ‘Cause that’s our next obsession, baby.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part 2 is Tonight! Free Predictions Here”

    1. I got nearly every one of my predictions CORRECT! Though I was very surprised that they didn’t show a trailer for The Host. I went again on Sat. to a different theater with my daughter, and they showed all of the trailers I wanted to see (City of Bones, Warm Bodies, The Host).
      The only reason it would be slightly better to see it in the theater is it just will look better. Don’t you think this one was filmed differently? The look of it was nothing like the others.

      1. Yes, it did look different. My sister even said: “Aren’t they suppose to make the movies better will all that money they have made?” I was very disappointed since I thought Breaking Dawn Part 1 was good. I’m still going to go watch The Host. I’ve been waiting for it since it was announced in…2009?

        1. I didn’t read The Host until this year. I didn’t even know SM had another book, truth be told. The movie looks good in the trailer, and since it’s Science Fiction maybe it will attract a diff audience. I am trying to talk my husband into going. We’ll see!

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