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New Release Book Review: ‘Deceived’ by Julie Anne Lindsey

New girl at boarding high school runs, drinks a lot of coffee and takes caffeine pills to stay awake so she doesn’t have recurring bad dream. Odd things and weird coincidences happen and make her feel like someone is watching her. She finds out that... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review and Giveaway: ‘Crash and Burn’ by Michael Hassan

I can’t even begin to review this book in my usual style: plot, what I liked about it, what I didn’t like about it, and end with a summary. This book deserves much more than this kind of review, and yet as I sit here, trying to write it, I have no... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ‘Elegy’ by Tara Hudson (‘Hereafter’ Trilogy #3)

***IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS*** The Low Down: Getting off to a jarring start, Elegy must also tie up any and all loose ends presented in the previous installments. Easy, no? No. How do you end an epic... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ‘Avalon High’ by Meg Cabot

The Low Down: Being the daughter of professors who study the medieval era isn’t the worst thing. Even though you’re named after someone who killed herself because Sir Lancelot didn’t return her love. Having professor parents mean that every seven... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ’13 Little Blue Envelopes’ by Maureen Johnson #NARC13

The Low Down: Ginny receives a package from her aunt. The package holds thirteen envelopes, each containing a letter to Ginny; instructions which take her to places she’s never been in a way that she isn’t one hundred percent comfortable. Ginny’s... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Book Review: ‘Jenny Pox’ by J.L. Bryan

The Low Down: Jenny Morton’s parents learned the hard way that there was something wrong with Jenny. In fact, Jenny’s mom and the delivery team didn’t survive the birth at all. So, whenever Jenny’s father wants to hug or comfort his daughter,... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ‘Rules of Summer’ by Joanna Philbin

The Low Down: Rory needs to get away for the summer. Her mother sucks the life out of her, and she needs to get away as far as possible from her mom’s revolving door of boyfriends and break-ups. Rory jumps at the chance of working in the Hamptons... Read More | Share it now!

Release Day Review: ‘Friday Night Alibi’ by Cassie Mae #NARC13

The Low Down: Church-going, sweet little rich girl Kelli uses her good rep to create alibis for her fellow high school students so they can date who they really want to and get to keep their large trust funds. Cue entrance of smirky jerky Chase who she... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: ‘This Is What Happy Looks Like’ by Jennifer E. Smith

You always know what you’re going to get with a Jennifer Smith novel. The tales are always about the most ordinary of moments – a plane ride, an email conversation, a road trip. But once the groundwork has been laid and the characters... Read More | Share it now!

Q&D Book Review: Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings by Hélène Boudreau

Great. How embarrassing, starting your period while trying on bathing suits. Especially when you didn’t want to try on bathing suits in the first place. Because you have no intention of swimming. Especially since your mom drowned a year before. On... Read More | Share it now!