Cheering for Fav Celebrities

My husband and I were talking about this the other night. There are just certain actors, musicians or other well-knowns that you just PULL for. You want to see them do well, whether it’s because the just seem so darned likable or you think they are underappreciated. Maybe there’s no reason, just a feeling. It’s almost like you’re a proud relative.

I used to have a test of celebrity worthfulness (my word). When I was a frequent watcher of late-night television BK (Before Kid), I decided if the guest did well on Letterman, my appreciation of said person was validated. When a guest was a little cocky or tried to be funny at Dave’s expense, though, they usually went down in flames and I felt differently about said person. I won’t name any names here, as most of these people have probably taken up residence at the Hollywood Home for the Aged.

These days, there are many more outlets to see celebrities either implode, explode or keep their cool. In addition to some great late night shows, hosted by the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, there are also social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; blogs, TMZ…the list goes on and on. Ask Green Day about how fast Billy Joe Armstrong’s melt-down got to, well, everywhere. It is so easy for your opinion to be changed about someone from one minute to the other, especially when the outbursts seem unprovoked and self-created.

My point? I think it’s much, much harder to be nice these days if you are a celebrity. It’s difficult enough to keep dirty laundry, fashion faux pas, questionable behavior, drunken liaisons and sex tapes (this is considered more “marketing” these days anyway) under wraps as it is, much less your “crimes” being lack of makeup, topless sunbathing, putting on a couple of pounds or not vomiting all of your secrets to the world.

I know you’re dying to know who I cheer for – though I am fully aware that I am opening myself up to a lot of grumbling, disagreement and outright ridicule. To be clear, I don’t make it my business to ferret out anything about any of these people; I do have Twitter open all day on my computer, so I do see my fair share of celebrigossip go by. Sometimes I read it, sometimes I don’t. And of course, there’s stuff you just, well, know because it is in the actual air. But for the record, these guys may be closet a-holes and I just don’t know it.

This is just a very small  portion of my list that I will add to as the mood strikes me. Be aware, too, that this is in a totally random order. So having given you my disclaimer, here’s my list:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Fame started when he co-starred on the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun. Has had much success in films. Seems like the kind of guy who gives over and above to make something work (thought he did really well on last week’s Saturday Night Live). Love that he is good friends with Zooey Deschanel and made this awesome video with her. Just always appears to be super happy. Maybe it’s the dimples.


Cary Elwes

Who can forget The Princess Bride and his portrayal of handsome, steadfast, clever, slightly mocking and sometimes mostly dead Westley? Every knows that the best three words spoken between a pair of paramours ain’t I love you; it’s AS YOU WISH.

I do have to say that I still pull for ol’ Cary even though he should have been up there with Brad Pitt in the smart-ass heart-throb department. Playing the step-dad in the Tim Allen Santa movies  – oh wait, that was Judge Reinhold, another wasted talent; Cary was in Liar Liar – was not where I imagined this guy going. I am not going to second-guess his choices, but I am a little disappointed. But still supportive!

Selena Gomez

My daughter would throttle me if I didn’t include Ms. Gomez on my list. Not that I wouldn’t anyway; she’s a very talented actress and singer. I think Disney is very good at finding multi-talents, and she sure is one. Plus she’s from North Texas.

As everyone is painfully aware, many stars who get their start as a kid or teen can pretty much be counted on to have to live all of their mistakes in full view of the press. How you handle that scrutiny shows what kind of person you are and, honestly, what kind of people your parents are. Selena seems to handle everything well so far, especially since she is in extra limelight because of her choice of boyfriend. I don’t expect her to be perfect, but here’s hoping that the outrageous behavior is kept to a minimum.

Anne Hathaway

Another Disney start for an amazing talent. It’s so easy to dismiss former kid actors, saying that they rely on being cute instead of actually acting, but watch any of her movies and you will be convinced that she is one heck of a talent. Plus, have you seen the clip that was released last week of her singing in the upcoming Les Miserables? I teared up just watching the clip! Brava, Ms. Hathaway.

Anne just seems like a super nice person. While having her own embarrassments caused by a former boyfriend, she kept her cool. She certainly has deserved everything that has come her way.

Who do you root for?

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