#COYER (Clean Out Your EReader) Winter Challenge

Many of you may have noticed that I read quite a few books this past summer. I took part in the COYER Scavenger Hunt which was a lot of fun. Not only were we challenged to read our stacks of books and “piles” of eBooks that have been patiently waiting to be devoured, we also looked for titles that, for example, had something blue on the cover or were about pirates. There were around eighty-something scavenger hunt items!

COYER Winter 2015-16

While the summer challenge was a great time, it was a lot of work. Fortunately, the hosts are GOING BACK TO BASICS for winter! Click on the button above to be taken directly to the information page where you can find all of the rules and regs. The starting date is December 19th and the last day is March 4th.

Join me by the fire while I try try try to further whittle down my list. I will post a list of all of the books that I need to read (or re-read in some cases!) just prior to the 19th. Just so you know – the winter challenge is purely eBooks and audible books – no paper!

The Clean Out Your E-Reads Challenge is hosted by Fantasy is More Fun, Because Reading, and Books, Movies, Reviews.Oh My!

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