#COYER Scavenger Hunt: Sign Up Now!

I have so many eBooks on my tablet to read, and sometimes is helps (a lot) if I sign up for something that will (more or less) help me get a bunch under my belt. I took part in the #COYER challenge at the beginning of the year and it definitely helped. It would have been a lot more productive if I had kept up with it and not petered out too early, but, you know, stuff comes up.

2015 COYER ScavHuntLogo

The summer challenge begins on June 20th and carries right on through September 4th. Sounds like there will be lots of fun with the scavenger hunt, so sign up and read the rules here: IT’S HERE!!! #COYER SIGN UP

Since it is a little bit more than a month away, I am not going to announce my list of books I want to read yet…though I will admit that a couple from last December’s list may make a reappearance…*cough cough*

The Clean Out Your E-Reads Challenge is hosted by Fantasy is More Fun, Because Reading, and Books, Movies, Reviews.Oh My!

9 thoughts on “#COYER Scavenger Hunt: Sign Up Now!”

  1. LOL I have some books that will make a reappearance on my list from winter COYER too – what can I say? I have too many books and not enough time! So glad you’re joining us again, have fun and good luck!

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