Cranky Blogger Asks: What Happened to Common Courtesy? (Auto Edition)

As the saying goes, common courtesy isn’t so common any more. Now, I’ll fully admit to being a little bossy, irritable, crabby and hot-tempered, but really, it only happens when someone else does something rude, thoughtless and inconsiderate first. Usually. The sad thing is, a “me first” mentality is happening more and more every day. I can only hope that being polite is merely out of fashion and will circle back around before we all start killing each other.

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Remember those days where one driver had to wait for another car to go by because there wasn’t enough room for you both? Didn’t we always do that signal where you are holding onto the steering wheel, but you raise your fingers in a sort-of salute? Am I (and the seniors) the only people who do that any more? Seriously, I didn’t have to wait for you, but I was being POLITE, dammit. Acknowledge that by smiling and waving, please.

And what’s up with people who don’t think they need to follow the rules? At my daughter’s middle school, there are two lanes. The inside lane is for people who are trying to drive out of the lot, as there are parking spaces there. Exterior lane is the only lane you are allowed to stop in for drop off. But, of course, there are parents who think they are too good to wait in line. They stop in the lane that’s supposed to keep moving, blocking traffic, just so they don’t have to sit there with the rest of us idiots. Apparently, only suckers do what they’re told.

Should I just get over these slights or am I fully justified in being annoyed?

I know what you’re wondering: have I never in my life broken a rule? Look, everyone breaks rules, especially when we feel justified. But even I should get in trouble when I do disregard them. The thing is, the more pissed-off people we have behind the wheel, the bigger the chance of road rage. Though, for me, it’s even a bigger issue than just that. Is it weak to be polite? Are we teaching our kids that the one who shoves the hardest wins?

It’s starts off innocently, perhaps, and small. Not using your turn signal. Or speeding. Or parking over the line in the parking lot. Or standing in a fire lane because you don’t want to park. But once you’re comfortable with those things, you start doing other things. Pulling out in front of someone too closely. Checking your email while you are driving. Weaving in and out of traffic because you don’t want to have to brake.

It’s called consideration, people; and I am willing to bet that each and every one of you gets mad at least three times per week because someone was discourteous or just downright unsafe when driving. Just let those times remind you to be careful as well.

3 thoughts on “Cranky Blogger Asks: What Happened to Common Courtesy? (Auto Edition)”

  1. I hope you feel better after your rant, a good rant always helps doesn’t it?
    This, and many many other reasons, is why I will never learn to drive. Haha!
    Whatever happened to ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’?

    My Book Bubble

    1. I *do* feel better, Jade…however, I am at home and not out on the road…let’s see how I do after I do after-school pick up…

      That’s my point! It has become “treat me the way *I* want to be treated, and you’re on your own!”

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