Darcy and Lizzie Reboot ~ ‘Definitely, Maybe in Love’ by Ophelia London

I’m a huge Jane Austen fangirl, especially for the first book I ever saw performed (on Masterpiece Theater) and read shortly thereafter. Pride and Prejudice is the book I read when I can’t read anymore; the one that resets my brain after I have OD’d on love triangles, poorly written tales, names like Brock, Jett (for a boy) and Jett (for a girl). It’s my literature touchstone that reinvigorates me. This, and it paved the way for a multitude of stories about smart, judgmental girls; stuck up, handsome fellows who might need to be brought down a peg; loud, inappropriate mothers; mean girls; finding common ground, admitting a mistake, and happy endings. Why wouldn’t legions of today’s writers try to return to the well and rewrite such a masterpiece?

Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia LondonSo the appropriately named Ophelia London has composed her modern-day version of this classic novel. And while it definitely does have a resemblance to the original, it seems to be more of a fanfiction rewrite than an actual update.

Briefly: Spring Honeycutt is an environmental activist/college student, and she’s at the top of her class at Stanford. Then her academic advisor tells her that her independent study project could very well be published if she knew more about the opposing views on her topic. Spring has gone over the top to show everyone how serious she is with her major and her causes, what with the headful of tiny braids, her new vegetarian diet and overloaded schedule of classes. So now she has to prove herself even more?

Then two male students move in across the street. One is particularly handsome, but barked at the movers when they almost touched his car. Any unfortunately, the second guy is the brother to Spring’s Enemy #1, Lilah Charleston. She brought her high school mean girl handbook to college, and has been using it on Spring ever since Spring beat her out of an internship freshman year. To top it off, Spring finds out that Mr. Don’t-Touch-My-Car is none other than Henry Knightly. Of the land developers Knightlys

In spite of first impressions, misunderstandings and pride, will Spring and Henry be able to see eye to eye?

Didja Like It?: I will sort of contradict myself here…on the one hand, I often forgot about the Pride and Prejudice connection because there is so much that is different. On the other hand, it does follow the bones and trajectory of the story, with many references and nods to all of your favorite characters, plot twists and events from the original book.

To Read or Not To Read: It’s a fun modern-day version of the classic without the humor or Empire dresses. And, (trumpets sound!) there’s not a lot of gratuitous sexy times. Go for it.

Definitely, Maybe In Love by Ophelia London was published October 28, 2013 by Entangled:Embrace. Ink and Page picked this book up for free from a promotion, and read it.

Rating: 3

Genre: New Adult Fiction Contemporary Romance Series

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