Exorcise took years off his life ~ ‘Black Beast’ by R. S. Guthrie #Review #COYER #RWBRAT

Black Beast by R. S. GuthrieThe very definition of a hard-bitten detective novel, Black Beast kicks off the Bobby Mac detective series with a bazooka, not a hand grenade (to borrow from the book). Bobby is a detective with the Denver Police Department who is still feeling the effects of losing his wife to cancer and his partner to a perp’s bullet. His son’s in college far away so he can avoid home. Cole still holds his dad responsible for his mother’s death in some ways.

A death-row inmate (put there for participating in the very robbery that killed his partner and blew off his left leg) asks to speak to Bobby before his execution. An early-morning jogger stumbles across the horrible sight of the bodies of two dismembered men, something that no human could have caused. The leather-bound journal written by his grandfather that his cousin, a priest, delivers to him out of the blue, along with an ancient cross. All trails seem to go back to Samhain, a demon who walks the earth and uses humans to do his bidding. But that’s ridiculous, right? Bobby is not a bit superstitious, yet when he reads the diary entries and speaks with his cousin, it’s hard not to deny what he’s seen, what he’s felt.

Bobby is a Macaulay, from Clan Macaulay, and, apparently, their family has been fighting evil all of their lives. Does that explain all of the death and destruction he’s encountered? But Samhain’s deputy is a drug dealer named Calypso, and he thwarts Bobby at every turn. But when he kidnaps Cole, there’s hell to pay.

About as cozy as an iceberg (and probably just as hard to crack), Bobby Mac is the man’s man of detectives. He’s quiet, intense, riddled with guilt. He thinks in amazingly complicated and wordy sentences in a cold and procedural way. He’s loyal and married to his job. He’s all the things you would expect from a noir-ish story, except for the lack of heavy drinking. This is today’s detective, usually fresh from the military, single because of tragedy, trying to find his way. Very by-the-book, it has all of the right boxes ticked. It’s an updated Dragnet, in a way; no warmth, wooden characters and demons. Well, all except for the demons.

Black Beast by R. S. Guthrie was published May 11, 2011 by BluPencil Publishing, LLC. This was free on Amazon when I got it.

Rating: 3

Genre: Adult Fiction Fantasy Paranormal Thriller Series

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