FanGirl by Angel Lawson Re-Release EXCITEMENT!

Waay back in November of 2012 (and, I might add, at least a year before the novel of the same name was released by the wonderful Rainbow Rowell), I got to read the latest and greatest story concocted by my friend, Angel Lawson. I had already read some of her previous stories, and was always (am always) eager to tear into her next offering.

FanGirl by Angel Lawson

Entertwine Publishing has picked up FanGirl and is re-publishing it…today!

In addition to the updated edition and cover (the word you’re looking for is “squee!”), the publisher is sponsoring a contest. Go to Entertwine’s Facebook page and enter these ways:

  • Like the page/post
  • Share!
  • Tag your friends
  • Name ANYONE you fangirl over! (Comment as many times as you like. More comments means more chances to win)

The winner will be chosen at random.

But whether you win or not, be sure to check out FanGirl or any of Angel’s other great books. She has a great variety of stories, so surely one will grab you. She’s a gifted indie writer who I really admire.

Author Photo Angel Lawson

Here are some ways to find Angel online:


3 thoughts on “FanGirl by Angel Lawson Re-Release EXCITEMENT!”

  1. Thanks Audrey! You’re an awesome supporter, super duper fangirl and a lovely friend. So happy we met in the world of books!

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