Feature and Follow Friday 4.19.2013

Feature and Follow Friday BadgeWelcome to my post for Feature and Follow Friday. This meme is the brainchild of Alison at Alison Can Read and Rachel at Parajunkee’s View.

Each week, in addition to a question to answer, one of the previous week’s participants will be randomly selected by each host for an interview (hence the Feature portion of the meme). This week’s featured bloggers are Words Fuled by Love and Bookworms Avenue.

Here’s this week’s question:

If you could hang out with any author (living), who would it be and what would you want to do?

I am going to go with someone I have (briefly) met: Ally Carter. She is so bubbly and happy and ready to have fun. It must be the Oklahoma in her, ’cause she’s super friendly and never seemed to tire of talking, whether it be on one of the panels or to the many legions of fans who showed up at the Austin Teen Book Festival last year. I have a feeling she’d be the perfect addition to any GNO.

My close second is Angel Lawson, an indie author who is fab. She is waaaaaay cooler than me; is completely comfortable telling it like it is, should be and will be; and she went to ComicCon. That’s what we’d do together: watch her favorite TV shows, get snarky and go to ComicCon.

Who’s your fav?

10 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday 4.19.2013”

    1. Yeah, ComicCon is on my To Do List for sure, but preferably as a panel member. Just have to figure out how to make that happen!

      Thanks for following! On my way to check out your blog.

  1. I’d really like to meet Ally Carter, too. She sounds like a lot of fun! I have Angel Lawson’s books on my tbr list and would love to meet her, too! We could plan together how to escape the zombie apocalypse! 🙂
    Old follower 🙂
    My FF

    1. Howdy Jennifer – thanks for the comment. You need to get on Angel Lawson’s books STAT. I can’t even tell you which one to read first – they are all great and all different. Maybe you’ll have to stay in order of release…She has an adult book coming out on Tuesday!

    1. I haven’t read all of them, either, but I have read three from the Gallagher Girl series, one from the Heist Society series and the crossover that came out this year. Her writing is smart, snarky, sharp, witty.

      Thanks for following!

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