Grammar HINT HINT of the Day: Height

grammar hint hint

In all of my discussions with people about grammar thingies that drive each of us crazy, I have never remembered to bring up this one. SO many people say length, width, depth…and heighth. I don’t even know if that is how you spell it, because, well, it’s not a word.

If you are either a native English speaker or a poor soul who has struggled with learning it, you know by now that the only constant in English is its exceptions. It makes perfect, logical and sound sense that the word should be “heighth;” after all, it follows a very particular pattern where all those other words end in “th.” Haha, says English. Suck it. Let’s call this dimension height.

So be careful next time you are on the phone, trying to describe how tall you are to your blind date. Or, better yet, just say you are the one holding the red carnation in your teeth. ‘Cause that word does have the “th.”

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