Grammar HINT HINT of the Day: Piqued

Piqued is a word that’s awesome to use. According to, it means:

  1. to affect with sharp irritation and resentment, especially by some wound to  pride: She was  greatly piqued when they refused her invitation.
  2. to wound (the pride, vanity, etc.)
  3. to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.): Her curiosity was piqued by the gossip.
  4. to arouse an emotion or provoke to action: to pique someone to answer a challenge.
  5. Archaic. to pride (oneself) (usually followed by on  or upon).

Most of the users mean example number three. However, most users also spell it incorrectly.

Peak not pique

It is not spelled “peak” or, using the (non-existent) past tense, “peaked.” (Which is actually an entirely different word altogether, meaning “pale and drawn  in  appearance so as to suggest illness or stress; wan and sickly.” It’s also pronounced differently. Peaked also means “having a peak, like a peaked cap”…but I digress…)

Ooh…in case you were wondering, it is also NOT peeked, which is the past tense of the word that means “a quick or furtive look or glance; a peep.”

It is so easy to check spellings and meanings online; has an app as well that you can put on your phone (it has a thesaurus, too!).

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