Hallelujah! I am Malware-Free: God Bless Sucuri.com

As many of you know, my site has been down this week. Major malware infestation, so bad that every time it was cleaned out, it came right back. Now I am paying someone to take care of this for me, so that makes my extremely computer-savvy husband super happy. He no longer has to listen to me complain (about that, anyway) and he doesn’t have to come home after work and spend time trying to fix it.

I am having a well-deserved night out tonight with the fam (it is the last day of school, after all) plus we need to celebrate that whole world still exists thang. Thank goodness all we have to do is check in with New Zealand while it’s still yesterday here; if they’re still there, the world’s OK.

I have three reviews to write and post, my daughter has written a review, and I also have my Saturday meme Songs of the Week to post. I hope to get that all done this weekend, but as I am a last-minute Christmas shopper, I have a few things to take care of on that front. Plus, we just bought our tree today (I am convinced it is the last tree in Dallas), and we need to clean and decorate. So, while you are waiting for me to update, dust, vacuum, style and otherwise not write/post, please feel free to enjoy this Sexy Santa.

Oh yes, I still believe.

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