Happy Seventh Anniversary to Ink and Page (Sorta)

WordPress informed me today that it was seven years ago today that I registered my blog as IcedTeaSpoon.Wordpress.com. I needed an outlet for all of those times that I wanted to blow off some steam, so my husband suggested that I start a blog. So I did. I wrote a few things, but there wasn’t all the coolio social media to get connected, noticed (or read, for that matter). My blog languished for a few years with no new posts. Fast forward to 2009. I was starting to get into social media, then I started my own remodeling business. Everyone had a blog, so I started one for my company, learning all about how to give my company a personality through my writing. Boy, was that part fun.

Then a little more than a year ago, I started really reading again. Of course I wanted to tell the world about all these wonderful books I was reading, so I decided to turn my old blog into a place where I could post reviews and nonsense. Ink and Page was available on Twitter, so that became my name. I eventually changed the name of my blog from IcedTeaSpoon (a long story) to Ink and Page. Now, almost a full eleven months later, I have written many reviews and opinion pieces and have loved every minute of it. I have made some online friends as well, and they help me remember that I am not writing in a black hole.

So thank you, everyone, from WordPress to Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer to Jen Wagner to many, many awesome authors, blog followers and commenters. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that you care enough to read this.

Happy Anniversary, blog!

9 thoughts on “Happy Seventh Anniversary to Ink and Page (Sorta)”

  1. Happy Anniversary Friend 🙂 I love your blog and I’m so thankful to have found a fellow book lover and wonderful friend in YOU 🙂 You are doing an amazing job with your blog–I can’t wait to see where the next years takes you!! 🙂 ..and thank you so much for adding me to your list 😉

    1. Absolutely! You know how it is in those early days of writing…to no one. It’s great when you finally start talking with others! I miss your writing 🙁 but I certainly understand. I saw you posted, so I will head over there to read!

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