Haunted Week 2012: It Came From the Web

Why, yes, it IS my wedding anniversary; thanks for asking! But enough about me and mine – we’re here to talk about Haunted Week. Cheyenne of This Girl Reads has chosen this topic for today:

You never know what’s going to creep onto the web. Sometimes, however, you get a pleasant surprise. Today feature and link to five amazing book blogs you’ve found recently.

I follow so many blog that I can’t read all of them, and I have not even been perusing for a year yet. I do pay special attention to those peeps and Tweeps that have been solicitous and nice and engaging. Here are some of the blogs for my favs:

  • Earlier this year, I did an ARR (Author Requested Review) for this lady. She writes her own stuff, has done her time in the fan fiction trenches and she is not shy about sharing her opinion. She always makes me laugh when I read her posts. I am not ashamed to admit she makes me fangirl a little. One warning: she’s not a big admirer of a certain  cheating actress who normally likes boys with a little bite to them. Check out Angel Lawson here. Her blog used to be called Succumbing to My Awesomeness. I did.
  • This woman is a machine. I don’t know how she knocks out all of her reviews and giveaways and memes. I want to be her when I grow up. She is also a frequent commenter, which, as anyone with a blog can tell you, makes one feel as though one is not posting in a vacuum. Meet Kimba of Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
  • Inkk Reviews: I found this site recently. I love that there are two people (Krisha and Katie) who both review the same book. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t. Cool concept.
  • Now, I know this isn’t a true book blog, but it is written by a real author. He writes about all sorts of different stuff and he has something called The Big Idea where he asks other authors to tell him how they came up with the idea for their books. He’s a Science Fiction writer named John Scalzi and he writes a blog called “Whatever.” I would wet my pants (with joy) if I received as many comments as he does. (PS: My husband says that only non-Science Fiction people say “SciFi.”)
  • I know you didn’t ask for this, Cheyenne, but I love your blog. This Haunted Week biz-ness has been so much fun, too. Check out her blog at {This Girl Reads}

Tomorrow’s topic: Tricked or Treated

12 thoughts on “Haunted Week 2012: It Came From the Web”

  1. Thank you so much for putting me on your list—it’s seriously sweet, and I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying Haunted Week!

    I hope you have a wonderful day for your anniversary! (:

  2. I don’t think I’ve read ANY of these blogs. I am so adding this post to my favorites so I can check them out later (yeah, I know, later, what a horrible word it can be sometimes!) And Happy Anniversary! Hope you get to do something crazy, fun and romantic together. =)

    1. WHAT??? Of all the bazillion or two book blogs on the interwebs you haven’t seen all of them? 🙂 Oh I know the power of “later…” I have 2775 blog posts that I need to catch up on…and thanks for the wishes!

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