Haunted Week 2012: Skeletons on My Bookshelf

Third day of Haunted Week here! Again, it is brought to you by Cheyenne of This Girl Reads. Today’s topic:

Supposedly, everyone has a few skeletons in their closet—I think everyone has a few on their bookshelves, too. Today feature five books you’ve owned for a long time but never read.

  • Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. This one is particularly hilarious, as I have a hardback copy that was signed by Mr. McMurtry in front of me when he spoke at some Friends of the Library hootyhoo many years back. I even went as far as to purchase a mass market paperback so I wouldn’t ruin the signed one. Never read either. Never watched the mini-series neither nohow.
  • Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I loved The Virgin Suicides (as much as you can love a book about suicides) so I was very excited about reading this book. Never did. I also need to read The Marriage Plot which I have on my Nook.
  • Various and Sundry Classics. I purchased so many books from the Oxford bookstore in London. Ones that I had every intention of reading. Since they are paperbacks, they got relegated to “the paperback shelf,” so I really forgot that I had them until now. (TMI: I had to move all of our books so we could clear out some rooms to have hardwoods installed. Then I decided that I needed to catalog all of my books. That was three months ago. I still have a table full of books in my living room. But I digress.) I am going to lump all of these together – five books by Dickens (not among these: my favs Great Expectations and Oliver Twist) and Tom Jones by Henry Fielding.
  • On a related note, I really love Dickens, so I bought this ginormous biography by Peter Ackroyd about him (Dickens, not Mr. Ackroyd) from Half Price Books. It looks good on my bookshelf.
  • The last book I’ll mention is To the Ends of the Earth: The Selected Travels of Paul Theroux. I have had this book FOREVER. It was given to me 20 years ago this Christmas by one of my good friends/reading buddies. I am sure it is awesome. I have heard great things about Mr. Theroux. I feel like I waited too long and missed my window.

Tomorrow the topic will be: Back From the Grave. (Can’t you just hear the maniacal laughter??)

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