Haunted Week is Coming!

For someone (me) who was quite the scaredy cat when I was a kid, it makes no logical sense how much I have always loved loved loved Halloween. I do not like things to jump out at me, gory movies stay with me way too long (hello ‘It’s Alive’), I won’t go through a Haunted House or on a Haunted Hayride. Closet doors needed to be closed at bedtime and leaps taken into bed to avoid being pulled underneath (natural precautions). No Stephen King, Amityville Horror or even watching Jaws for sure. If there was even the remotest of possibilities that it was rumored that your sister’s best friend’s brother’s uncle’s Mom’s psychiatrist said that it maybe really happened, I definitely stayed away.

So here I am, joining not one but three Halloween challenges. This one is called Haunted Week and is sponsored by Cheyenne at This Girl Reads. It runs from October 24th – October 31st with a different topic for each day (from “Ghosts of Books Half-Read” to “Back From the Grave” to “Tricked or Treated”). Also, be sure to have a scary book ready to review for the last challenge! Cheyenne also has book ideas for those of you (me) who need ideas as to what to read.

The weirdest thing is that you would never know I get scared. Having an older brother taught me to not show my fear, I guess. So my tactic is to act all cool and calm on the outside while my heart goes a mile a minute on the inside. So don’t even try. Anything.



15 thoughts on “Haunted Week is Coming!”

  1. Thanks for joining Haunted Week! Love this post—I’m a bit of scaredy cat too, so it makes no sense why I like Halloween—but I do!

    I’ll be looking forward to reading your posts! (:

    1. Hi Eliza! Thanks for the comments. Hope you are now following my blog! I have checked out yours as well…as I love to follow via email, can you add that option to your sidebar?

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