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Awake by Natasha Preston

So there’s this girl. Scarlett. New hot guy at school alert! And he’s looking at her! OMG there’s any empty seat next to her! And her bff, Imogen, is totes jealous! Like, ugly jealous! And Scarlett and Imogen are soooo lucky (well, at least Scarlett is) because they have almost all of their classes with Hottie McHotterson. Well, his name is actually Noah, but WHO CARES! HE’S SO DREAMY! And when he asks her to tell him the most interesting thing about herself, she totally brings everyone down by saying that she has no memories AT ALL before she turned 4! Weird, right? All she knows is there was a fire. Well, Noah doesn’t care, though sometimes he seems to care and tries to ask her questions and get her to remember, but TOTALLY understands when she can’t and doesn’t really want to or see the point. But he’s totally cool with that, too. He’s awesome.
Soon Scarlett and Noah are hanging out pretty exclusively. His parents and brother are so cool, but they eat so healthy and really, really trust Noah. Scarlett likes junk food every now and again (Oreos!) and almost takes offense when Noah says she might eat a salad every once in a while. Not ’cause she’s fat or anything! She’s perfect! But Noah is hiding something big (no, not that!), and though he totally believes that what he is doing is the right thing to do, he starts to have actual feelings for Scarlett. But still, he knows that he has a job to do, and he’s not going to let anything get in the way. But she’s so beautiful and perfect and sweet! It’s a head scratcher for sure.
Then Scarlett’s family is involved in a car accident. It’s like hitting her head loosened up some memories. Or maybe they’re just bad dreams. Her parents won’t really talk to her about it. But it makes her really want to know what happened and why she keeps seeing the same little girl in her dreams. Now Noah thinks it’s nothing. Though it is weird that she says in the beginning of the book that she never dreams, or at least remembers her dreams, and at the end-ish she says she dreams a lot. Hmm. Whatever, she just wants to know and once her parents level with her, she’s pretty mad. But it’s OK ’cause she’s in love with Noah, but she doesn’t really want to be around him right now OK now she does. Let’s go to Ireland for the weekend and you can see where I grew up! Cool? Cool! (It’s OK – they live in England, so they are right next door to each other.) We’ll have a great time and you’ll be so glad you came!

What could have been an intriguing and thrilling story was instead robotic and odd. Of course we know why Noah is immediately “attracted” to Scarlett; he has to get close to her. But the insta-love that happens between them is shallow and melodramatic (and, let’s face it, yawn-inducing). Scarlett pretty much drops her friends (well, friend) the minute Noah strolls in. And, in all honesty, the thoughts that Noah expressed about Scarlett were just not ones you would expect from an older teen boy. I understand that he was supposed to be sheltered and a bit naive, but seriously. He was boring and bland and other than being incredibly handsome, I have no idea why Scarlett was attracted to him. Neither character is anything exciting.

So the cult. Yeah. These people are seriously wacko. As cults tend to be. But when Scarlett meets up with them and stuff happens that would seriously make you do all you could to leave, she plays along like she’s all cool with everything, but it’s all done in a weird way. She says she’s acting in a certain manner so they won’t suspect anything, but it doesn’t read that way. And where’s her phone? And why was she the center of the cult’s universe anyway? And how could she be with her parents and brother for so long without anyone looking for her or without causing suspicion? Why didn’t they initially tell the police?

There were no ups and downs in this story; it just traveled at an even keel the entire time. Things happened, for sure, but it was like I was watching this on a TV that had been tuned to the slow motion channel (All Slow Motion; All the Time!). I was told that they needed to hurry and hide and go go go, but the book just didn’t move. And all was tied up so nicely. Seriously, I was so surprised when I saw that I was 98% finished with the book and realized that nothing was going to happen. Ever. And seriously, whose favorite holiday is Easter? It was a little too much, considering the Scarlett’s place in the cult’s story.

Well, it does have a super cool cover. A+ for that.

And now, two of my favorite quotes. This first one is when she has to take a bath before her final ritual (you go, girl!):

…using most of the bubble bath up as my own little screw you.

and this one of the most self-absorbed teen on the planet:

My feet hurt, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of possibly losing Noah.

Awake by Natasha Preston was published August 4, 2015 by Sourcebooks Fire. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to the Publisher, the Author and NetGalley.

Rating: 1

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Contemporary Thriller Romance
Ages: 13 and up

COYER Scavenger Hunt #29: Read a book with no magical or futuristic elements. (2 points)

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