INKlets: Supah Short Reviews So I Can Return These Books to the Library Already

OK. Don’t you just sometimes want to say “Yes! I agree with everyone out there who loves this book and I have nothing new to add/more to say!” or “This book was so meh that I don’t even want to write a full-blown review!”?

My library has already sent me a second notice about a book I have out, and I have some other overdue books just because I didn’t have the energy to go to town on a review. So, in the interest of time (and paying my fines), I am going to give a thumbs up/down on some books that need to go back to the stacks.

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah DessenWhat Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

4/5 Stars
I liked the idea of getting to change who you are every time you move, since you know you will be leaving after a short while and can reinvent yourself again. Read this if you like when characters see new places, find out what they’re made of, have to make tough decisions about family, have season tickets and help the boy next door. Who, in turn, helps, too.

Nantucket Red by Leila HowlandNantucket Red by Leila Howland

4/5 Stars
How many of you slept at night with a copy of Nantucket Blue under your pillow, on your nightstand and snuggled against your heart? Nantucket Red doesn’t disappoint, and really pulls the story of Cricket and Zack along nicely. You get to see old favorites as well as meet some new characters, too.

The Name of the Star byThe Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

4/5 Stars
Such a great start to a (hopefully) very interesting series. Rory, an American teen going to boarding school in London, is right smack in the the middle of some crazy happenings of the Jack the Ripper kind. Who is trying to reenact some of the most gruesome killings in the history of The Old Smoke (look it up)?

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan MatsonSince You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

4.5/5 Stars
I REALLY REALLY liked this book. What shy, insecure or introverted-type person hasn’t hidden behind their more outgoing best friend? Who hasn’t wished they didn’t have to? This is a terrific book about taking chances and trusting (with my favorite, a list).

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