Introducing…What Next? Wednesday OR How To Decide What to Read Now

i&p what next Wednesday

If you’re anything like me, once you’ve read something you really like, you want to find something else to keep the good feelings mojo going. But in case you haven’t noticed, there are a bajillion choices out there all screaming for your attention. So in a world gone mad with reading, how do you find that special book?

Welcome to What Next? Wednesday. Each week, one of you bookish sorts will tell us of a book that you couldn’t get out of your head and what book you read to continue your novelicious high. The books can be connected for any reason, from plot to style to location to genre. It’s up to you!

If you would like to participate, you may do either (or both!) of these two things:

  1. Write about what book you would have chosen to read next, using the book chosen by that week’s honored person; and/or
  2. Ask to be the subject of a future What Next? Wednesday by emailing or tweeting to Ink and Page.

For now, you will put your links to your posts in the comments section for that post (not this one). A list of the guests will be added here each week. This will begin on Wednesday, November 5, 2014!

All I ask, that in return, is you follow Ink and Page on Twitter or Facebook or Bloglovin’ or however you’d like to, as well as the featured guest.

Awesome, and thanks!

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