It’s Spring…So Tweet

I find it mystifying that in this day and age, there are people who regularly post reviews on the internet but they still don’t have Twitter. Some people are super intimidated by it, while others pooh pooh it, like it is stupid and a waster of time. Honestly, I get the former – the intimidation. That can be cured easily. But if I hear one more time about tweeting only being about telling everyone what you had for lunch that day, then you have no idea what Twitter is all about.

I will admit that, at first, I thought the only point of Twitter was to read about celebrities. I wasn’t going to join for that reason. But when I started my own business and went to a couple of talks about Twitter, I was hooked. That’s when I realized that everyone, from huge multi-national companies to the local pizza place to your friends were talking and sharing on the ‘net. Before I knew it, I had made a community of people and businesses in my area that I communicated with regularly. I still have a great group that I can always contact whenever I need a sounding board. Coolest thing? Most of them aren’t even here in the Dallas area where I live, but all over the US and other parts of the world.

Now that I have a new account for my writing and blogging, I started again growing my numbers of followers and finding authors, publishers, festivals, grammarians, writers, bloggers, etc. to follow. I can retweet info from other sources that I find interesting or helpful and I can promote blog posts, contests, interviews, challenges and the like for me and my fellow bloggers. What’s the point of writing your blog only for your subscribers? More people will follow you on Twitter than will subscribe anyway, so just that many more people will see your post. Plus, the world can search for your post. Win/Win/Win/Win (is that too many wins? I think not).

I get so excited and fan-girly whenever an author responds to a tweet, too. That is one awesome side effect of Twitter. How cool is it for @HMHKids @TamaraIStone or @robinpalmer to reply to, retweet or favorite a tweet you sent? Well, in case you don’t know, it’s pretty dang cool. And then, if someone famous in your world starts to follow you? Icing on the cake.

Twitter, as with all social media, is a forever changing thing. Read about it online, go to a class in your area or talk to people who use Twitter a lot. Start slow and easy. Once you’re no longer a newbie, then you can start finding out about best practices, recommended dos and don’ts, etc. You will soon be wondering why you ever lived without it.

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