La La La La La La…Bloggiesta!


Am I a Fool to be Starting an Additional Writing Project?

(UPDATE: I know you have been waiting on pins and needles to know how I fared on my first Bloggiesta! Well, I would have to give me a solid B. You can see below what I did  and did not accomplish. All in all, a really fun and stimulating time…especially the Twitter Chats!)

I just created a new Twitter account…like I have time to post on the other two I have. This new account (and subsequent Facebook page) was inspired by my lack of patience with grammatical errors. My pettest of peeves is the poor apostrophe and its it’s its’ treatment. Of course, homonyms are up there as well, and Oxford commas (are those in or out? I can’t keep up). I realize that all I have done is make everyone else watch my writing like a hawk, ready to pounce on me. So, before you are MEAN (I am never mean, just helpful) about any mistakes I may make or have made in the past (grammatical only, of course), I will tell you here and now…I will not get it all right. Ever.

That being out of the way, I have read about this thang called “Bloggiesta.” It starts today (March 30) and goes through Sunday. The purpose of Bloggiesta is for you, the writer, to  actually sit down and make time to draft and/or finish blog articles, clean out that “to do list” re your social media pages, etc. Basically, you make time to catch up on the stuff you need to do to make your blog fab. In order to participate, I need to formulate a list of things that I need to do this weekend. So, here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Alert more of my pals about my new Twitter page: STATUS: DONE!
  2. Get more followers on my Facebook page: STATUS: DONE!
  3. Write that blog article that has been late since last July (sorry, GE Monogram!) for my alter ego STATUS: NOT TOUCHED!
  4. Write about my Goodreads challenge thus far (41 out of 100, baby!) STATUS: DONE! (BONUS: FINISHED 2 MORE BOOKS!)
  5. Find more authors to follow on Twitter and Facebook (any suggestions?) STATUS: IN PROGRESS; NEED MORE BLOG AND AUTHOR SUGGESTIONS
  6. Draft 3 book reviews STATUS: NOPE. NOT A ONE.

Since this is my first time, I am going to be gentle with myself and set some reasonable goals.

I spent time this morning cleaning and filing away and shredding and removing and getting my office ready so I won’t stop and do those things when I should be Bloggiesta-ing. Nothing can stand in my way! Right?

14 thoughts on “La La La La La La…Bloggiesta!”

  1. Good luck with all this! I added yout twitter, and as for authors, I follow a bunch so you can always check out my Followed peeps: @Kelsenator
    I also liked your facebook 🙂

  2. I have two Twitter accounts, one personal and one for my book blog, and just one personal Facebook page, and it’s hard enough to keep up with all those… Good luck with all your Bloggiesta goals!
    One YA author whose tweets I really enjoy is Maureen Johnson(@maureenjohnson). She’s funny!

  3. 41 out of 100 on your Goodreads book challenge. Way to go! Welcome to Bloggiesta and good luck with your list. Blogging is a great way for wannabe writers to BE writers 🙂

  4. I hear ya! Social media is a great tool, but it can be a time suck, too. And I like that you’re “being gentle with yourself”. There’s always time later to keep tweaking and changing, right?

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