Leaders are Great…But We All Need a Few Good Followers

Reading Jessica Dragon Cheramie’s blog posting today (To follow or Not to follow?) got me thinking. There are so many places to blog, tweet, facebook, tumble, G+, honk and wheeze that we probably lose track of how many sites we are on. Even worse, we aren’t staying connected with people in spite of having those sites.

I got into social media waaaaaay back in 2008 when I started my own company. Boy, was I surprised and thrilled when people I didn’t even know started following me on Twitter. I learned that it was considered to be proper Twitter etiquette to follow those who followed you, unless it was spam, porn or someone you personally found to be offensive. The only people who weren’t expected to follow everyone were celebrities and other exalted individuals. As a general contractor, I followed anything and everyone that had to do with building/construction, design, architecture, landscaping and contracting as well as products from appliances to siding to faucets to paint to fabric. It was so cool to have Southern Living magazine, Home Depot and GE Monogram following me!

Here’s my issue: I don’t know if it things have changed on Twitter and I just didn’t notice, but it doesn’t seem like people follow/support each other as much. Is it just the writer/author/reader/publisher area in general, or something else? Twitter is the EASIEST way to connect with distance. I think these people/companies are missing out. As a networker, I learned never to discount anyone; you NEVER know who knows someone who can help you. That cupcake baker? She used to work in publishing. Or she knows an editor. Or she’s in a book club that wants to read your book and post reviews.

Following builds community. I know this first-hand. Last year, I tweeted a lot with a certain group of people, and I ended up being invited to go on an all-expenses paid trip to see and learn about GE Monogram appliances in Louisviille, Kentucky. Plus, I got to meet all my tweeps in person! It was awesome. So don’t feel like “meeting” people online diminishes anything. They can be your biggest advocates for whatever you do. Did they just tweet something? Retweet it. Did they just write an article? Tweet it and put it on your Facebook page. Do they need to meet someone or need an answer to a question? Help them. Believe me, they will go gangbusters for you when you need it.

Just remember: make it SUPER easy for people to follow you. If you have a blog, be sure to have all of your accounts on the front page, along with a place to subscribe to your blog by email AND by RSS feed. Make it easy to leave comments. I hate having to search for this information, and have given up before.

What I will do to contribute is to do a posting at least once a month that lists all of the new blogs I have discovered so you all will know about it, too. Here are a few blogs I found today, with their own descriptions:

Blethering About Books:

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Stick around, make yourself comfortable…or runaway whatever takes your fancy :-). Here is where I review, rant, and have a good blether about any book that takes my fancy. Books I will be reviewing are book I have purchased myself or borrowed from the library (unless otherwise stated). All opinions will be my own. Some reviews will be so deep you will have to get yourself a boat to get through them while others will be pathetically shallow that you could go through them in a pair of sandals, it will just depend on how much I have to say about the book. If there will be any spoilers in the posts I will say so at the beginning. I am new to this so I will be learning as I go along. I hope you enjoy what I have to say. I read science fiction, fantasy, ya, romance and historical novels (sooo near enough everything :))

Mailbox Monday:

  • Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

A Novel Challenge:

A Novel ChallengeA Novel Challenge is a place to find reading challenges and events to participate in. It’s also a place to let others know what reading challenges and events you’re hosting. This is an INFORMATION ONLY site. You may NOT sign up for challenges or events through this blog. You must follow the posted links about each challenge or event to the specific HOST BLOG and follow the directions there in order to sign up for events and challenges. Enjoy browsing!

Quirky Girls Read:

  • Quirky Girls Read is a group book blogging effort conceived by Jehara and happily supported by her book loving friends who wanted an outlet for their reading fetish.
  • We all have different preferences in favorite reading genres, just like the world of readers out there. Here we provide one stop reading for all areas of interest on any given day.
  • We come from all across the US representing a broad range of ages and interests. But as different as we are, we are all passionate about books in our own quirky ways. We hope you will find something to connect with us on and come back often.

Reading Writers:

My PhotoThis blog is a place for reading great writers, and a home for great reading writers. 🙂 What better time to delve into a thickening plot than summer days when the weather welcomes lounging under lush trees, perching on porches, or curling up on couches, with book in hand 🙂 I’m getting excited just thinking about it! So here’s to reading! I hope that you open up a world of writing and fall in love with books all over again!

Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf:

  • I love to read and review books. I am married, my DH is retired and we live with two great dogs and a sweet cat. Now I own eTreasures Publishing so I get to read more.


  1. Follow people everywhere you can (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Goodreads, etc.)
  2. Subscribe to Blogs
  3. When you receive an email that a new blog article has been posted, tweet it! Facebook it! (Download HootSuite or a similar app so you can do this all from one place AND be able to schedule your tweets & posts)
  4. If you have a blog and you don’t have Twitter, get Twitter. It’s not scary, I promise. People want to tell the world about you easily, and you are hampering free advertising by not having an account.
  5. When you put people on your blogroll, let them know. They may reciprocate.
  6. If you review a blog or book, put the blogger’s/author’s Twitter handle on it so they can read and comment.
  7. Insert yourself into conversations. Start conversations. Search for things to be the “expert” on.
  8. Engage, engage, engage.

I read recently that 80% of your tweets should be about others, 20% about yourself. It is very easy to be self-centered on social media, so be careful. No one likes a bragger.

10 thoughts on “Leaders are Great…But We All Need a Few Good Followers”

  1. LOVE your thoughts! I have read A LOT lately in regards to doing these types of things to help motivate writing and make smart connections. I love your ideas and may have to implement a few of them as well 😉 ..that is when my 2 year old stops pushing me away from the computer 😉 ha!

    1. Even though you are a “creative,” you have to approach this as a business. Promote yourself. One of the best ways is to support others! Maybe you need to put your computer up higher? 🙂

      1. HA! I have my computer sitting on top of the microwave, which is on top of microwave stand–my little guy, Casey, will come between me and the stand and push my body until I move away from that location. Little stinker that one! LOL! But yes, this is most definitely a business and needs to be approached as one. Well said!

  2. Well said. Great ideas. Obviously, I feel the same way as you. Thanks for mentioning me in your post. For blogs that have email subscriptions, I have it sent to a separate account from my norm ones. So I don’t have to sort through junk mail and can easily visit blogs.

    1. You’re welcome, absolutely. I learned a lot from networking – esp that it is someone everyone should do. Be the person who puts people together. Then you become the first person people come to! That’s a great idea about the separate email address – I may do that as well, though I don’t know how to change it once I’ve already signed up, do you?

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