Mostly ghostly ~ ‘Sisters of Blood and Spirit’ by Kady Cross #Review #COYER

Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady CrossI seem to be on a roll, reading books where bad things happen in asylums…

Lark Noble is used to everyone thinking she’s crazy. Not that it doesn’t hurt, especially now that she’s back in her hometown after a stay at a mental hospital, living with her grandmother. Her parents can’t handle being around her; especially her mother, who is more upset with the fact that Wren talks to Lark and not her. But it’s complicated, especially since Wren is Lark’s stillborn twin, and they have had a special connection all of Lark’s life. Only Lark can see her, hear her…and touch her.
Content to keep her head down and just get through school, Lark is ambushed by a group of kids from school, including the boy who saved her before her hospital stay. It seems that they came across an angry spirit while trespassing on the grounds of an old asylum in town. And they need Lark and Wren to help them get rid of the ghost. But when they find out that the ghost wants something more, they all need to decide if it is worth the risk. There’s something about the twins that they don’t even know, but those in the Shadow Lands do. Are they strong enough to withstand the wrath of the wraith?

I was steeling myself for another tale of a girl-who’s-a-freak-who-wants-to-just-avoid-everyone-and-get-out-of-high-school-already-but-finally-scores-the-most-popular-boy-at-school-who-is-the-only-one-who-gets-her kind of book, but on my way to the GWAFWWTJAEAGOOHSABFSTMPBASWITOOWGH book club meeting, it was suddenly canceled. We’ve all read those books, and frankly, I am a bit tired of the theme. Ms. Cross has been able to take an outsider and bring her back into the fold. Best of all, OH GOSH THIS NEXT PART IS SPOILER CITY, BUT THE ROMANCE-ISH PARTS ARE REALLY SECONDARY, SO SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU MUST! Best of all, the love triangle isn’t; the one she should like she does; and the boy who saves is a friend. So refreshing!

The creepy parts are very creepy; there are mysterious side-stories; an awesome library is mentioned; and there’s a sequel, so cool that we get to learn more about the family, the friends and, I assume, other ghosts.

Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady Cross was published March 31, 2015 by Harlequin Teen A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to the Publisher, the Author and NetGalley.

Rating: 4

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Fantasy Paranormal Thriller Mystery Romance Series
Ages: 13 and up

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