My Bouquet List: Be a Panelist at Comic-Con

This is an occasional series wherein I write about things I’d like to do at some point during my lifetime. They are in no particular order. For those of you not up on early 90s British sitcoms, it’s a shame you won’t get the reference.

I never knew about Comic-Con until Vincent Chase and his boys attended on a 2005 episode of Entourage. It sure looked like a lot of fun – “Victory!,” Jesse Jane, lots of people dressed up like comic book characters – but since I’m not really a comic book geek, I left it at that. Now Comic-Con is no longer just about comics – it’s also for book and TV and movie fans, too. From Twilight and Glee to Matt Damon and James Bond, it seems to straddle the line between actual comics and fandom in general.

The idea of attending Comic-Con is very appealing, especially since my daughter is totally into anime and reading manga and My Little Pony. But to be a guest panelist? That means you made it, right? I’ll take any reason, within reason, but going as an author or expert on something would rock. I’m not asking for Hall H that’s SRO or even fans lining up a week in advance…just maybe no empty seats?

So, wannabe author-ness aside, in what world would I be labeled an “expert?” Just open that ginormous drawer in my head that’s labeled “Useless Information That Stays in Your Brain Instead of More Important Information Like Your Blood Type or Date of Your Wedding Anniversary.” I’m considered something of a pro there.

But I so do remember the date…it was sometime around Halloween in the previous millennia. Boo-yah.


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