My Bouquet List: Sing with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots (with Classroom Instruments)

This is an occasional series wherein I write about things I’d like to do at some point during my lifetime. They are in no particular order. For those of you not up on early 90s British sitcoms, it’s a shame you won’t get the reference.

Jimmy Fallon obvs loves music and musical references. He’s also all about turning recordings on their head and making them silly or funny. From Idina Menzel (or, more commonly known as Adele Dazeem) to Robin Thicke to Sesame Street characters, the fun also serves to showcase the artists’ fab voices and the pure joy of singing. Here’s a video of Jimmy and The Roots doing “All About That Bass” with its original artist, Meghan Trainor:

I am sure you noticed that the performers weren’t using what would be called “traditional instruments” to capture the bounce and fun of Meghan’s hit song. But what they do do is change up the song just a bit so we can all feel like we are in on the goofiness. I also love how they are squeezed into this room, sitting so close together – it makes me feel like I am in there with them.

So who would’t want to partake? The only problem would be coming up with the right song. Since I don’t seem to have a hit song of my own.

What song would you choose, even if you’d never do this in a million years? I know you have some great ideas – ‘Cause every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top.

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