New Book Recommendations Meme!

I am so intrigued by something that I saw in a new follower’s Twitter bio. Katelynn Clark, also known as @chameleonreads at Literary Chameleon, says:

I’ll give you one more book recommendation if you email me the last two titles of books you have read and liked.

What a great idea! Look, I know we all have at least a couple hundred books on our Goodreads TBR lists, but how many of those do you even remember putting there? If it has been years since you added certain books, wouldn’t it be nice to get an actual recommendation from a real reading human about something that you may like? In addition, you might just find something that you’ve never heard of before and be thrilled and surprised by a new genre or author.

So this is what I am going to do. I am going to start a meme. Each week, you can introduce the world to a new book via the “if you liked this book, you may like this one” approach. I will have a theme topic every week (such as urban fiction, zombies, etc.).

Follow me on Twitter (@inkandpage) so you know when the meme will be ready. What day do you think will be the best day to do it? Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts…


8 thoughts on “New Book Recommendations Meme!”

  1. I love this idea! Thursday would be a great day for me personally, but it’s such a great meme that I’m sure I’ll participate no matter what day it’s on… 😉

  2. Wow! What a great literary endeavor! A twist off of mine, but still a good resource for obtaining new reads. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in your memes/posts. encourages everyone to participate in this exchange of new found titles/genres; however I graciously can not take credit for Ink and Page’s new adventure. Happy Reading! 🙂

  3. This is a fun thing to do! I have a book recommendation Friday post up about once a month where I suggest five books that are similar to one current book that seems to be pretty popular. What a great idea to have this as a meme! I can’t wait to see exactly what you come up with. I like the idea of categories and such. Depending on what day you do it I may join up. I’ve gotten a little slack with my recommendation posts as of late. Good luck!

    1. Cool! I figured I wasn’t the only one to do this, but I wanted to be more regular. I’ll make an announcement when I start it up – hopefully you’ll join in!

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