Ohweewah’s Olio: Free Comic Book Day!

On Saturday, May 4th, I took a trip to Lone Star Comics for Free Comic Book Saturday. First, my mom found out about it from Twitter. We saw that @LoneStarComics in Plano was participating. Mom asked me if I wanted to go and I of course said YES!! I am really into anime and Japanese manga, so I was really excited to go, hoping they would have some manga there, too!! Once we got there I was smiling my head off as we arrived. The manager, Rick, pointed at a girl tip-tapping on her iPhone and said “See that girl in the Buddha position on her iPhone over there? She’ll tell you where to go.”

My mom, dad and me walked to the back of the store, where a different girl said “Hi are you here for free comic book day?” She told us that could each get three free comic books. I smiled then quickly started looking through the selections. I chose three comics that happened to be next to each other and my mom and dad each got some as well. Here’s what we chose:

  1. SpongeBob Comics Freestyle Funnies/Bongo Comics Free-For-All
  2. Green Lantern Young Justice Super Sampler/Superman Family Adventures
  3. Adventure Time with Finn & Jake/Peanuts
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Guild
  5. Gman/Crime & Terror/NearDeath/Revival/Guarding the Globe/It-Girl and the Atomics
  6. Serenity/Star Wars
  7. The New 52!

I was really excited, especially when Dad told me he’d buy me a couple of manga books if they didn’t cost too much!! So, I selected three from their wonderful collection of manga. I got:

  1. Panic x Panic (Volume 1)
  2. Panic x Panic (Volume 2)
  3. My Girlfriend’s a Geek!

After we looked around for a while at all the stuff they have for sale, we headed to the check-out. Some of the people who worked there had made a paper chain that read ‘Free Comic Book Day’ on it, and they gave me a few! It was a great experience and I would love to do it again next year. Put it on your calendar: May 4, 2013!!

— OhweewahFilmz is a middle-schooler, video-maker, writer and anime-obsessed girl. She also thinks Selena Gomez is the awesomest.

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One thought on “Ohweewah’s Olio: Free Comic Book Day!”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! We’re so pleased that you came in to Lone Star Comics & Games – Plano, had a great time, and participated in our BIGGEST FREE COMIC BOOK DAY EVER!

    We hope to see you and your family again soon! …Also, a reminder: FREE RPG (ROLE-PLAYING GAME) DAY IS SATURDAY, JUNE 16TH!

    Thanks for being a Customer of Lone Star Comics & Games – Plano!

    –Rick Cromack.

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