Or it’ll be the last thing you do ~ ‘Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover’ by Ally Carter #Review #COYER #RWBRAT

**This is book 3 of the “Gallagher Girls” series, so there may be some spoilers re previous volumes.**

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally CarterIt’s been a while since I read book two of the series, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long. All of the humor, heart and thrills are still here as we get to know the main girls better…and their surrounding protectors, too. Macey’s father is running for vice-president, and it seems that someone is out to kidnap Macey. As a loyal friend and well-trained spy, Cammie is there when it happens and ends up saving Macey. Then Abby, Cammie’s aunt, Gallagher Academy graduate and super spy, becomes part of the security detail for Macey. But there’s some niggling thought at the back of Cammie’s mind. She’s seen something or someone before, but she can’t figure out what or who.

In typical Gallagher Girl fashion, Cammie, Macey and their friends Bex and Liz can’t leave it to the adults and Secret Service to figure things out; Macey is their best friend. And though they are forbidden to leave the school, when has that ever stopped them before? There are a few more things that don’t make sense, from Zach popping up just about every time that Cammie is “on duty” to the realization that the target may not be who they think.

And what’s going on with Macey and the son of the man running for president? Is it all just a show to raise the polling numbers, or has their friend actually found someone worth looking over?

I can’t wait to read #4 and then on to the series, because then I will be able to read it all over again.

Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter was published June 9, 2009, by Disney Hyperion. I purchased this book from our local library.

Rating: 4

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Thriller Spy Romance Series
Ages: 12 and up

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9 thoughts on “Or it’ll be the last thing you do ~ ‘Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover’ by Ally Carter #Review #COYER #RWBRAT”

    1. It’s snarky and sweet and funny and sad and intriguing and romantic. I love the characters and especially Ms. Carter’s writing style. Can’t wait to try out her new Embassy Row series, too.

  1. How many books are in this series? I’ve read the Heist Society by Ally Carter before and it’s fantastic, would really love to start on this series as soon as I catch up with all my ARCs and reviews. You make this series sound very exciting, I mean it sounds very Vampire Academy without the vampires LOL

    1. Hi Angelica! There are 9 Gallagher Girls publications; six books and 3 short stories (some very short!). One of the novellas is a cross-over with the Heist Society series. Plus, the author just started a new series called Embassy Row.

      I guess it could be like VA a bit (but not a bite)!

  2. I’m glad you are enjoying the series. I read the 4th book in the series (Only the Good Spy Young) as part of my COYER challenge. I’ve loved the series so far and think it improves with each installment.

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