Paper or Hardback?

Hardbacks and Paperbacks CominglingI have just made a momentous decision. This is about something that hasn’t changed in the last twenty years, at least. I honestly don’t know what possessed me; maybe there was a life-altering incident that I lost during last night’s sleep. But, as of today, I have decided to mix my hardbacks with my paperbacks.

Yes, I was one of those who kept them carefully separated; in fact, I always went out of my way to not buy the paperback version if there was a hardback to be found. The paperbacks were always stashed away on a shelf in my bedroom where Company couldn’t see them. The hardbacks stood sentry on my beautiful bookcase in the living room, greeting guests with a imperceptible nod.

My Collectibles

Maybe they make them better today, but paperbacks yellow, get brittle and their covers fall off. And if I’m being truthful, they can smell a little weird, too. Since I am not super handsy with my hardbacks, they stay in near fine condition, along with their dust covers. I always use a bookmark (well, almost always) which keeps everything looking good.

How do you treat books? Are they like the prissy girl who’s all fancy with corkscrew curls and a white party dress or are they your best friend with whom you wrestle in the mud and spill Mountain Dew? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Maybe you will leave a comment below and tell me.

Don’t worry – I will continue to put fiction with fiction and sort alphabetically. I haven’t completely lost my New acquisitionsmind. And some of my collectible books will have their own space. I just know I am going to run out of room after I have cataloged them and filed them.

6 thoughts on “Paper or Hardback?”

    1. Well some just don’t come in hardback anyway. And now my library has eBooks, so that’s cool. Yes, I agree – I don’t buy hardbacks unless I already know I want to keep it.

    1. I like to buy books on Abe Books – there I can find first editions and signed copies. Otherwise, it’s the library. I don’t even want to spend money on eBooks in case I don’t like them. I do use my Nook/Kindle apps on my tablet to read lots of author requested reviews, as they usually send those in eBook format.

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