The Rating Game

I read and review both books I choose and books that are requested to be reviewed by the author (author requested reviews, or ARR; also known as “read to review” or r2r). All ARRs are given by the author free of charge in return for an honest review.

My ratings point system is taken from Goodreads, though the explanations are my own…and unlike Goodreads, I will give books half-points.

1 Star
Didn’t Like It
Maybe I abandoned it, maybe I finished it, but I would definitely not recommend it to anyone. Ever. The story was flat, the writing horrible or I did not connect with the characters. I wasted my time on this.

2 Stars
It was OK
I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading it, but I will complain heartily without provocation about what I didn’t like about it. Maybe I had high hopes and they were dashed. Others may like it, but for me…meh.

3 Stars
Liked It
Many of the books I read will fall into this category. Good books. Solid books. fine stories and characters. Nothing especially unique or new. I would most likely recommend by saying “it’s a good book.” Probably won’t read again.

4 Stars
Really Liked It
These books are surprises; maybe I wasn’t expecting much, and they turned out to be so much better than I anticipated; or maybe they took an ordinary tale into an unanticipated direction. They are little jewels that went farther than they needed to, were better written and developed.

5 Stars
It Was Amazing
These books I carry in my heart FOREVER. I connect with everything about them, and I will read them over and over again for the rest of my life. Sometimes they are so well-written that I can get that “first time reading this” excitement when re-read. The reader will find something new every time he/she reads this book.

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