Release Day Book Review: ‘Vigilant’ by Angel Lawson

Book Cover Vigilant by Angel LawsonRating: 4

The Low Down: Ari Grant is tough, no doubt. She’s a caseworker that deals with mostly female teens in the lowest of circumstances and the worst of situations. Ari knows how to take care of herself, especially since she’s been on her own for the last five years, no family to speak of. The death of her parents and her need to be strong has created a wall around her; in her line of work, there can be no visible weakness or vulnerability or you’re sunk.

All she needed from the hardware store was a Phillips screwdriver. Next things she knows, she’s face-down on the floor while the store is robbed. Unfortunately, Ari recognizes one of the would-be thieves. Just as she’s fearing for her life, someone shoves her into a closet to hide her. Who knew she was about to come face to hoodie with the Glory City Vigilante?

To forget her stresses and numbness, Ari likes to frequent a local dance club alone. There she can totally let loose, forget everything and show off her collection of star tattoos. But that night, as a group of guys show up and demonstrate their parkour skills, Ari is drawn to the leader…and into his arms. And when taking a male client to his new living situation at the Glory Youth Center, she is shocked to see a familiar face…lips…shoulders…and his name is Davis.

Some of Ari’s girls are disappearing, then returning with unbelievable tales of being kidnapped. Assuming these are fabrications so they can work the system, it is not until one girl is found dead and Ari herself is being threatened that Ari starts to look deeper into their claims. At least she has her handsome and sweet co-worker, Nick, to help her. Is this the beginning of something more between them?

But the Vigilante…Davis…Nick…

Best Thang ‘Bout It: This is Ms. Lawson’s first foray into adult fiction, and I loved it. Big surprise, as I am always banging my ANGEL LAWSON FOR PRESIDENT drum. She’s created an exciting story that is suspenseful and vividly drawn. I can completely see this place called Glory City and all of the characters within it; I can feel Ari’s numbness, the bravado of her charges. The secondaries aren’t ciphers, but fully-fleshed as well. I loved her roommate, Oliver, and their relationship.

Stripped down to its bones, this story probably has been told before. What I like about this author is that she takes stories and themes and turns them out in completely new ways. Vigilantes? Parkour? Boxing? Tattoos? Loneliness? Mystery Men? Secrets? We’ve seen them all before (well, maybe except for the parkour), but these ideas have been mashed together and squeezed through your old Fuzzy Pumper Barber Set and freshly reformed.

And the cover? Fabulous.

I’m Cranky Because: Did I smell a sequel? OK, if so, that’s not the end of the world…I kinda liked the folks in Glory City.

The Bottom Line: Purchase this book today so you can be ahead of the curve. Then, while you’re at it, check out all of Angel Lawson’s books. You’ll be glad you did.

Vigilant by Angel Lawson was self-published today. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to Angel Lawson.

Genre: Adult Fiction

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  1. Awesome review! I have an ARC of Vigilant that I will be reviewing soon. I can’t wait to read it! I want to push aside everything else that I have lined up so I can read it now. Unfortunately that can’t be done. But reading your review makes me want to!

    New Bloglovin’ follower 🙂

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