Release Day BriefINK Review: ‘Boywatching’ by Chloe Bennet #BookBirthday

Boywatching by Chloe BennetOh I wanted to find Boywatching a snarky, amusing and engaging story that filled my requirements for a light and funny tale. But it didn’t. It had all of the boxes ticked, but it just never got off the ground and soared.

The story of four friends who go to a British all-girls’ school, they decide to approach the acquiring of boyfriends by using science. Keeping all of their data in a notebook, the girls observe the boys from St. Thomas, the brother school to Queen Mary’s (where the girls attend) in different locales, from outside their school gates, to parties, to the soccer pitch. Any and all useful information is gathered and detailed so the girls can later review it and use it to try and determine quality.

When they are not having band practice, they are trying to avoid the resident mean girl, walk Albert the terrier, learn how to be good friends, and avoid klutzy maneuvers in front of the BIG CRUSH.

A straightforward book, the character types are typical and there’s not a lot of depth or new ground covered. The ending is obvious from the get-go. There’s a side story involving one of the mains, and it is a pleasant diversion that is actually more interesting than the rest of the tale. And the use of the main character’s name as the pseudonym of the real author? Why?

Boywatching by Chloe Bennet was published today, June 4, 2015, by Orchard Books. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to the Publisher, the Author and NetGalley.

Rating: 2.5

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Contemporary Romance
Ages: 12 and up

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