Review: ‘Don’t Even Think About It’ by Sarah Mlynowski #COYER #2016HW

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah MlynowskiOne homeroom at a New York City public high school is given a contaminated batch of a flu vaccine which allows them to hear everyone’s thoughts. Imagine knowing what everyone thinks of you. While there are definitely some perks (you know if that cute boy likes you or which are the right answers on a test), you may also find out some pretty horrible things, too. Like your girlfriend cheated on you. And everyone else in your homeroom knew before you did.

The story starts off interestingly enough, but other than a bunch of side stories that showcase the benefits/disadvantages of telepathy, there isn’t anywhere this tale can go. It seems like the group of kids affected by the vaccine is too large to be able to control.


For the most part, the teens are not super-happy to be telepathic. Obviously, there are examples where it’s an advantage, but these are instances where, most likely, the situation would have worked itself out anyway. And when the CDC locates their group and tells them and their parents about an antidote, they are all willing to take it (except for the person you’d expect to want to keep it as an advantage). Then, despite the noise, the massive headaches, no secrets, hearing what your parents really think about each other (gross and super gross), knowing all of the ways people lie, they all decide to not take the antidote.

Here’s what they thought: Sequel.

Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski was published by Delacorte Press on March 11, 2014. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to NetGalley/the Publisher/the Author.

Rating: 3

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction Fantasy Contemporary Series

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