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Goldfish by Nat LuurtsemaWhat if you had a plan for around ten years that was going (cough) swimmingly? And your best (and pretty much only) friend was always by your side? What would you do if your plan disintegrated for you, but not for your bff? What would you do if the future that was planned got completely erased?

Louise Brown has such a problem. She’s been swimming forever, and it’s so exciting to be able to try out for the High Performance Training Camp with Hannah. They are both great swimmers and the camp is the next step on their way to the Olympics. Lou is totally in the zone during her qualifying race, thinking about the fun they are going to have at camp. Imagine her surprise when she finishes and discovers that she is absolutely dead last. And Hannah won her race.

Stuck at home while Hannah’s away, Lou must learn to navigate the school classes, hallways and cafeteria alone. She even tries to talk to her former coach, but Debs has clearly moved on. Maybe she should have made more friends outside of swimming?

That’s when things take an odd turn. One night while she’s hanging out at the school pool, she’s approached by a trio of popular boys from school with a proposition to teach them an underwater swimming routine so they can try out for Britain’s Hidden Talent. As Lou is drawn into an eventual friendship that includes a concussion, sharks and a midnight rescue, she realizes that she’s got more to offer the world than just swimming.

Though this book is light and amusing, don’t overlook its depth. There’s every bit of teenage angst, pressure and trying to find your place in your world in this story – so take the plunge.

Goldfish by Nat Luurtsema was published June 7, 2016 by Feiwel & Friends. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to NetGalley, the Publisher and the Author.

Rating: 4

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Contemporary Romance
Ages: 13 and up


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