Review: ‘Passenger’ by Alexandra Bracken #COYER #SRC

Passenger by Alexandra BrackenIf you like time-travel stories, you are in for a treat. This spectacular voyage via ink and paper leaves all recent forays in this genre back in the Stone Age.

All she knows is playing the violin. Etta Spencer has no time for anything else. She’s been asked to perform at a fund-raising concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and since it will be her debut as a soloist, she’s given up everything else, from friends to her boyfriend to a life, to immerse herself in practice and playing.

Her mother’s pre-Etta, glamorous life is evident all around them in the paintings that Rose has painted and hung in their tiny New York City apartment. Etta feels like she knows them better than she knows her own mother, for other than the detailed stories about each picture, she is not very forthcoming about her own past. Etta doesn’t even know who her father is.

Suddenly, Etta is heaved into the past for reasons she doesn’t understand by people she’s never heard of. Discovering her heritage and the world of travelers, she must use her wits and employ the help of someone from the past – who may or may not be on her side – to save her mother.

Some authors just have the gift of a superb vocabulary. Maybe it can only be used in more serious fare (& maybe not), but it is literally the words chosen that bind you to this narrative. It’s like you are in the author’s head, seeing what the author sees while writing. It’s not ambiguous, and it certainly doesn’t feel stilted, like the writer is merely thumbing through the Thesaurus. These words are alive and meaningful, so the locations, characters and situations are, too.

There’s so much to this story of betrayal, power, unexpected attraction and deceit. And, because, well, history, traveling to certain periods could mean women had no rights, or the color of your skin meant that certain things were barred to you. But these things are of little consequence when you find that your future may become something lost in the past.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken was published January 5, 2016 by Disney Hyperion. Ink and Page picked this book up from the library for review.

Rating: 4.5

Genre: Young Adult New Adult Science Fiction Historical Fantasy Action/Adventure Mystery Romance

4 thoughts on “Review: ‘Passenger’ by Alexandra Bracken #COYER #SRC”

  1. That cover really grabbed my attention before I had any clue what it was about. I love time travel books! It sounds like this author managed it well too – because time travel books are a favorite, but also tricky – something I’m always on the lookout for! Great review.

    1. Thanks, Berls! I read some negative reviews after I posted…it appears that the reasons I liked it were the reasons others didn’t. Always interesting to see others’ perspectives.

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