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Red is an Attitude by Kathy Lynn HallRed is on a five-day cruise that her boyfriend, Joe, gave her as a surprise. It’s certainly a start on her quest to travel around the world. But strange things are happening aboard the ship, from having a warning from her dead husband to seeing her dead aunt. Red is an observer, and she notices the antics of her fellow cruisers. Then strange things start happening to her – and they don’t stop once they’ve landed and gone back to Nuggetville. She’s decided to help one of the passengers, and that’s when she notices that they’re being followed. Then almost hit by a car. Who is after them?

Apparently I got a copy of the second in the series, but fortunately (or unfortunately, if you’ve already read the first one), everything was rehashed from the first volume, so I was more than comfortable that I’d started with #2. This is not a very deep and engrossing tale; it’s more concerned with the large cast of characters that are on the ship and live in Nuggetville. The mystery is sidelined by making sure the reader knew every detail from the first book, playing Cupid with the citizens of the town, and Red’s inability to not help people. Thrown in are the regular visits by her sassy aunt and the fact that her dog is supposed to be her reincarnated husband. I know, this is all supposed to be light and fun, but this was a mylar helium balloon of a book – more concerned with description than story, and lighter than air. But the sex? It’s like it’s from another book altogether.

Red herself is a conundrum; she’s only 39, yet she speaks and acts like she’s 80. Who that age even knows the word “tuckus,” much less uses is without being ironic? Plus there’s too much giggling, which annoys me greatly. That’s for little girls, young boys when discussing something naughty, and women trying to hide something. I freely admit that is something that’s my problem, no mystery about it.

Red is an Attitude by Kathy Lynn Hall was published April 12, 2012 by the author. This was a free book.

Rating: 2

Genre: Adult Fiction Mystery Romance Series

COYER Scavenger Hunt #18: Read a book with the word RED in the title. (2 points)

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