Review: ‘The Academy: Introductions’ by C. L. Stone

The Academy Introductions by C. L. StoneWhile it tries to be deep and amazing and epic, Introductions is none of these things. I am struggling to think of how to describe this book, as it is one of those that tries to convince you that it is more than it is. In its attempts to be mysterious, it reveals little and barely answers its own questions; while it tries to be deep, brooding and dark, it only comes off as routine and shallow. The language it stilted, the relationships ring false and the big reveal is both boring and weird. And it has one of my favorite (that’s sarcastic) features: the abrupt ending.

It covers all of the Young Adult memes: parents conveniently out of the way (bonus: Mom’s agoraphobic); Sang, our heroine, just moved to the area; girl just needs to get away, and is saved by cute boy; girl is a total loner; mom is abusive, too. For some reason, all of these boys who are friends and attended private school together are all going to Sang’s school. Why are all of these boys taking care of Sang, carrying her, lifting her, guiding her? She is alternately crushing on all of the boys as well, tingling and blushing her way through the book.

The only thing that caught my interest, sad to say, were the attempts by the author to write descriptively. On the positive side, it seems that everyone is trying to find new and different ways to say things. When done well, they can add a richness and a vividness to a story, allowing the author to paint a picture that is easily and specifically seen by the reader. When done poorly, they are clunky and incorrect and embarrassing. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “…a shutter ran through my body”
  • “…wracking my bones together”
  • “A poor dog to feel pity on”

OK, one of those was just a misspelling, but still.

Sometimes, I can only put as much effort into my review as interest as I had in the book. So I won’t say any more except…I read this entire title, both waiting for something to happen and well as wanting it to end. Well, at least it ended…sort of. It looks like there are several sequels. And lastly, I could never really figure out what this book was really called. It seemed like every time I looked it up on Goodreads, the name had changed. Currently, the words “The Academy” only appear on the book jacked pictured and neither in the title or as the name of the series.

The Academy: Introductions by C. L. Stone was published December 23, 2012 by Arcato Publishing. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Thanks to the author and publisher.

Rating: 1

Genre: Young Adult Fiction Fantasy
Ages: 13 and up
FYI: I don’t even remember anything, honestly.

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