Review: ‘The Returned’ by Jason Mott #COYER

The Returned by Jason MottImagine the shock of finding a government man on your front porch one evening with your eight-year-old son son in tow. The same son that you buried fifty years prior after his accidental death when he drowned in a nearby river on his birthday. He’s alive, found somewhere in China of all places. Then you find out that this phenomenon has been happening all over in increasing numbers. Are they real? Are they alive? What does it mean?

The government doesn’t know what to do with all of these people, some dead for over 100 years. And those people who are alive alive are everything from suspicious to praising God’s goodness to scared. Arcadia, North Carolina has been taken over by the military. The Returned are being sent there by the busload, overloading this small town where resources and good will are on increasingly short supply.

Part mystery, part morality tale, The Returned leaves the reader with so many questions: who would I want to see again? What would I want to ask them, talk about, relive? How long would they be able to stay? Would others have an issue with this? Would they be seen as monsters that would need to be contained? Would everyone come back?

A soft-spoken story, it brings up big issues – loud and clear.

The Returned by Jason Mott was published by Harlequin MIRA on August 27, 2013. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to NetGalley/the Publisher/the Author.

Rating: 3

Genre: Adult Science Fiction Fantasy

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